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Dr. Markimus arrives

Diagnosis? Autism.

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    It's not terminal though bro. It's manageable.

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    Thanks nurse Jack

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    LOL this thread

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    Throw them in harems until they're straight again. You have to fuck the lesbianism out of them.

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    chads cure lesbianism

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    i really dont think we need to worry about this. when u get rid of jewish influence u would be surprised how many current problems we have will just go away

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    Fun fact, your username is actually the title of a 2020 lesbian film. I don't especially recommend it, though, 5.5/10.

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    It's a tiny percentage of the population. I don't see why it matters. Unlike the common fantasy much like in certain primates female pair bonding is a social strategy for low status/value women. Go to any lesbian bar and confirm the truth of that for yourself. That or it usually involves abnormal hormonal situations for women and/or inability to form bonds with men because of abuse.

    Not a problem at all as far as I can see outside of them raising children. Every time I see some poor young boy raised by lesbians I see a trans, a gay or a suicide waiting to happen. Lesbians raising especially boys is abusive and should be outlawed but outside of that let them do whatever they want.

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    So I'm not super concerned about gay men deciding to remove themselves from the gene pool,

    You should be. Removing quality men from the gene pool is just as much of an attack on the race as quality women. Lot's of gay men under the right conditions could have been loyal chad fashy soldiers and fathers.

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      Yukio Mishima

      Only 45 when he passed.

      In 1968, Mishima wrote a play titled My Friend Hitler (わが友ヒットラー, Waga tomo Hittorā), in which he depicted the historical figures of Adolf Hitler, Gustav Krupp, Gregor Strasser, and Ernst Röhm as mouthpieces to express his own views on fascism and beauty.


      While working on his novel Forbidden Colors (禁色, Kinjiki), Mishima visited gay bars in Japan.[111] Mishima's sexual orientation was an issue that bothered his wife, and she always denied his homosexuality after his death

      Is this the only evidence of his homosexuality? I don't know much about the guy.

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        Mishima died so young because he committed ritual suicide after a failed coup attempt, he tried to stage a revolt with his private right wing militia Tatenokai to restore Japanese autonomy and the divine status of the emperor.

        He was obsessed with suicide his entire adult life. The "coup attempt" was more of a performance than anything. He needed an excuse, and when that never came, he created it.

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        in japan there is a long history of suicide being honorable, he wasn't only one to be obsessed with it

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        Thanks for a great summary. I've had Sun and Steel on my reading list forever. I'm going to make it a goal to read it before the end of November.

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        This one might be gayer than Confessions.

        Erect-angled, the F104, a sharp silver phallus, pointed into the sky. Solitary, spermatozoon-like, I was installed within. Soon, I should know how the spermatozoon felt at the instant of ejaculation.

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        Lol. That's pretty gay.

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        Read Confessions of a Mask if you're curious. He's very, very gay. Jeffrey Dahmer gay.

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        Homo chads can still use sperm banks, that's my plan.

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        The "solution" to homosexuality is to simply follow historical Western examples, which is to basically to ignore and culturally marginalize them. If they want to covertly practice their deviancy then whatever. Homosexuality as an identity is a modern narcissistic and anti communal identity (or perhaps replacement of a healthy community with an dysgenic one), when communities are healthy homosexuals will "naturally" contribute to communal health either through reproduction (not uncommon in traditional societies) or through material supplementation (income shared among the family offspring).

        I'm fairly sure this post is just someone having a laugh though in any case though.

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        If a world is so restrictive that it robs the joy of its inhabitants, what's the point of creating more of them to live in it?

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        These are white people, they need to be preserved in an ethnozoo, and part of that is keeping their population healthy.

        it robs the joy of its inhabitants

        Many of the livestock seem to be quite happy.

        Alien Overlord Zerp

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        So would white people have no rights under your system? And why?

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        I support full autonomy, the less we have to do the better. Let the monkeys decide.

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        I would rather focus on eliminating the societal conditions under which ethnic outbreeding is considered necessary. In a healthily homogenous nation, unsustainable levels of population growth would be discouraged, and homosexuality might even be a benefit when it isn't culturally ascendant as part of the woke agenda. The least of your concerns will be lesbianism if greater factors like mass immigration aren't ended, which at its root is demanded by globalistic, corporatized economies and the tireless pursuit of profit.

        Besides that, you would need to terrorize homosexual women into heterosexual marriages, which is abhorrently dehumanizing and wouldn't lead to a happy, cohesive family unit. Likewise for outlandish ideas such as baby-making factories. Any society taking such drastic measures probably deserves to have its systems torn down and leadership removed. At best, I would support a cultural shift away from the trendiness of alternative lifestyles, which can ensnare actual heterosexuals into dabbling during early adulthood and wasting their fertile years. Families aren't fashionable or affordable, and that's what needs to realistically change.

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        culturally ascendant as part of the woke agenda

        This is the whole problem. I bet a lot of the real ones are reluctant to come out because it's been turned into a crazy political statement.

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        I stay away from any organized events or statements in support of the LGBT 'community' for that reason. It's hopelessly politicized in ways that harm ethnic nationalism and a myriad of other personal interests that are more important than social approval of bedroom activities and romantic partners.

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        A dicking a day keeps the lesbo away

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          Remove them from your society. Why would you want lesbians to pass on their harmful propaganda?

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          I don't think lesbianism is very heritable at least from the data I've seen.

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          i think most sexual degeneracy is the result of brainwashing, popular culture, trauma, porn etc (especially for women)

          remove the all the jew shit and 90% of it goes away. I think that there are very, very few actual homosexuals, i.e ones caused by innate neurological deviations or viruses/parasites/toxoplasmosis etc.

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          How much of that 10% is from the Japanese?

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          i believe japanese anime/loli/weeb sexual shit has been very kiked

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          Yeah now it's the jews that are making Japanese people draw loli. Amazing.

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          japan got taken over by USA the jew controlled nation, then shortly after anime flourished. Coincidence?

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          are you being /s

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          Do you know what lesbians look like? The actual lesbians not the ones in porn. It is no loss if those women decide to remove themselves from the gene pool.

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            most women report having same sex relationships.

            It's increasing

            1.1% of women identify as lesbian, 2.2% as bisexual. But how you identify doesn't matter. If most women have sex with women, most women are bisexual at least. This can't be allowed. Men are dropping out of the workforce because of impossibility of getting a non fat mate. We need to reverse feminism.

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            Are there house flies in Heaven?

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            you have to transition from a male to female and become "lesbian". its literally the only way. checkmate athiests.

            this is already happening too so no need to worry about lesbians anymore lol.

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            Understood, but I don't really know any negative effects of being a lesbian besides the less chances of reproduction. The latter is something I am also taking into account the rest of the LGBT community with.