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Let's also remember that Die Grünen can trace its roots to explicit pedophile activism in the 1970s and 1980s. Many pedophiles had prominent positions in leading German newspapers at the time. In 1979, left-green newspaper Tageszeitung actually published a pedophile manifesto, and other leading newspapers (including "centrist" ones) routinely published pro-pedophilia positions and advocated for the abolition of the age of consent. Pedophilia was on course to being normalized in Germany up until the 90s. The effort failed because society wasn't ripe for it yet and it generated a backlash, but this really shows us where transhumanist ideology and leftism inevitably will lead to. The German left has always been a pioneer in absolutely stomach-turning degeneracy that would shock even the most repulsive 2021 Anglo Bugman. No other country has such a large Zoophile movement and such an enormous problem with the most extreme kinds of porn.

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Greens are also warmongering in Bosnia and Herzegovina, saying they will send military if Serbian people try to secede (they accuse Serbian leader of being warmongerer too, despite the guy saying he doesn't want violent conflicts).

They are just tranny war hawk lunatics, when the time comes they will pay.

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I weep for Germany.