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We can't restore european monarchies because the social class that formed its backbone has mostly disappeared and the ones left are horrifically degenerate. "Fascist dictatorship" is a terrible form of government that leads to mismanagement and catastrophe. A complex system of checks and balances similar to the US constitution will probably be needed.

I think this isn't that big of an issue though, as the reconquest of Europe is naturally going to lead to the emergence of a new legitimate ruling class. The form of government will have to be designed pragmatically and we still can't know what the circumnstances will be. The most important thing by far is to ensure long-term legitimacy and stability.

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"Checks and balances" is a liberal meme designed to cripple politics in favour of money power. The separation of powers prevents any political element from exercising sovereignty while at the same time allowing the rich to buy out all of the political institutions and control them from behind the scenes.

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Sucks how the European aristocracy became so poisoned over time. Doubt any of them would even take power given the opportunity judging by what happened to Spain.

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As far as I can tell, the European upper classes are completely spineless. They all basically do what middle class journalists tell them "the people" would want them to do, and they're very zealous in accomplishing this duty, too. When these people have any sense of dignity at all, they occupy themselves with supporting liberal causes like "world heritage", "social causes", financial ventures or perhaps peacekeeping when it comes to military service.

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National Socialism is the only answer.

It's the only government that respects and understands biology. It's also the only government that actually stood up to Communism. The USA, France & UK let Stalin rape Europe despite both nations being majority White back then.

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So UNSE (United National Socialist Europe)

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Republic with a dictator (Fuhrer principle), a non-hereditary aristocracy (SS selection system), and democracy (mass participation in institutions).

The same for both America and United Europe

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I like to use the term "autocracy" since it describes one man rule in both its monarchical and non-monarchical forms.

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Monarchy also means one man rule. We just always think of that word in the context of a king.

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You are correct. It's just the effect of history, I think.

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United Europe

Based and Nietzschepilled.

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Democracy is tyranny of the dull, monarchy is tyranny of an exploitive, bourgeois elite, and communism is tyranny by inefficiency. None are the path to our salvation.

A methodically run state with competent and intelligent leaders is that pathway. NS and fascism are the answer, but these options will fail too if they are commanded by ideologues like in the early-to-mid 20th century. Many great empires have stumbled and crumbled in their desperation to claim or reinvoke once lost glory. To get ahead of oneself is fatal and this mistake must not be repeated.

Our race and cultures must be preserved. This does not include going out your way to conquer half the globe.

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Our race and cultures must be preserved.

I believe this more deeply then I can articulate with words.

This does not include going out your way to conquer half the globe

I used to think this way but begrudgingly I've changed my opinion.

I've come to the conclusion that as the 1st industrial revolution morphed into the second world leaders knew that someone was going to be hegemon whether they liked it or not. The world was drastically shrinking as steam power morphed into petroleum power. Isolationism in the long run eventually meant seeding the resources of the world to your enemies who lacked such moral handicaps. If the National socialists had won WWII and done ZERO colonizing or conquering they still would have been a massive influence on all world governments simply by their wealth, science, and military power. National Socialist Germany would have become the defacto hegemon even though I strongly believe they had no real desire to spread out and dominate the world.

White nationalists in 2022 should not be naive. If we win a future conflict with the Potomac regime and take back our former nations the entire world will be looking to us for leadership. Abandoning that post would mean a power vacuum, a new rival, and inevitable conflict.

Non white nations will never leave a future white nation state alone. The only real option for white survival is to become wise and benevolent world leaders. I fear that the information revolution has made the nation state antiquated and obsolete. Digitized information has been weaponized, deployed and causalities have been mounting. New weapons for new wars. Financiers and corporate entities have already bypassed the nation and initiated a type of global neo feudalism.

Are whites capable of governing the planet on their own? I have no idea to be honest. Would I prefer a white global government over a Jewish or Chinese one? Well that's a no brainer. Do I think we are going to be forced into picking one of those three options? Yes.

Your comment implies whites can survive the 21rst century as a culturally stable and healthy nation state without engaging in modern warfare. I don't see that happening. Not only will we never achieve a nation state again we will quickly fade and cease to exist. Fighting the Jews and other global contenders with old technology will be like the Anglo Zulu conflict. Except this time we will be the Zulu.

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There is a middle ground between isolationism and expansionism. I think that in the event of a regime change across the West, intelligent diplomacy would be extremely important.

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I like this idea. We must retain our ancient culture and traditions first when we get our nations back. Without an identity, we're bastards.

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Europe should be a union of nations similar to the Soviet Union except fascist rather than communist.

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United Europe Fascist Republic (UEFR)

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Aryan Imperium Union (AIU)

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Saying the quiet part out loud now? Are you suggesting a White Ethnostate led by your Führer Donald Trump?

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Read my post again. I asked people what they would prefer. Do you seriously believe Trump is a white nationalist? I guess you blindly trust the media, don't you? Let me guess, you believe that on January 6, a coup was attempted don't you?

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Lmao. Yes, Trump is totes a fascist, bro. Not a zionist Jew lackey at all. When have we ever hidden our desire for a White society? You actually don't know the difference between us and conservatives. Learn about the ideologies you are discussing before you try and debate with experts in those ideologies.

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led by your Führer Donald Trump?

You must be joking. Donald Trump promotes dangerous and unnecessary gene therapy injections and the only nationalism he supports is Israeli.

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So the options you give americans are

fascist dictator

democracy with constitution

For Europe you give the options of


Fascist dictator

There are major problems with Monarchies. The main one being the 'courts' that service them become infected with Jews that manipulate the royal families. John Hotle explains this process here at 9:53 time mark.

You can try to fix that 'Venetian' manipulation of power families with fascism but fascism has weaknesses as well. The problem? Whoever gains power over Europe and North america is going to need to be hyper Jew aware and Jew vigilant. We need generations of deconditioning from Jewish propaganda. We need a slow purge of non whites from our lands. We need more then just a fascist regime to do that. We need a new genuine pro white intelligentsia and aristocracy. The entire ancient blood lines that have ruled us need tossed and can't be allowed to shape shift and re-subjugate us. We can't just pick a new form of government that magically fixes everything. We need new economic systems, new courts, new media, new academics, new medical apparatus, new everything. If we can shape this new system using some type of feudalism with small regional monarchs that are pro white I might be down for that. Regardless I don't see how we totally purge the old system without some type of pro white military Junta in charge of both Europe and the US for awhile.

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No, we need a pan-European empire. Europe should be united and Vienna should be the imperial capital.

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That would be good but we must make sure to preserve each individual European cultures such as German culture, Nordic culture, Roman culture, Greek culture, etc

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That can only be done by a united European imperium.

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Oh boy, imagine an empire from Iceland to Russia and from Byzantium to Norway.

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Vienna should be the imperial capital

How about Constantinople? Or Rome?

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Should absolutely be restored.

Or Rome?

Vienna is better suited.

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    Why Vienna? Central location?

    That's partly it, yes. It also has an imperial history and has both a strict German and French bohemian atmosphere.

    I’ve always felt Brussels would suffice

    I hate to say this as a Belgian, but Brussels is an incredibly ugly city.

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    Brussels has had so many beautiful buildings. What happened to them? Did those scums destroy all of those and replace it with ugly post modern buildings?