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If this is true, what is the best way to react/respond to this?

Assuming it's true:

What could we possibly do about it? We don't have power. When the system constantly attacks white people, then uses feds to tardwrangle mentally ill people into this stuff while censoring every place they could get community and belonging what do you expect?

Jews want this to happen, so they make it happen. For as long as we don't have power there's nothing we can do about it.

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What could we say/do PR wise if confronted about it in a debate?

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It speaks more to the rulers of the society if it's in such a state that a young man would choose the destruction of his own life and family along with innocents of his own race instead of continuing in that society. It shows that people increasingly realize they have no future so might as well go out in a blaze. People no longer have anything to look forward to.

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There's a 99.9999999999999999999999999% chance he was groomed by glowniggers to do this too

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The manifesto is so sussy lmao but I think if I had to talk to a normie about it I'd go for the societal failure line

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It's difficult to convey that given the people he murdered did not deserve that and everyone's empathy would naturally go to them and also his reason as stated was belief in the great replacement, that is going to be propagandized by the media to de legitimize a very real idea, our people's ultimate threat, any person that would be on the fence to being swayed towards White Nationalism would look at incidents like this and be repulsed. I'd say with regards to the main message is that the US Alt Right needs to work harder somehow to provide that thing to look forward too, I know censorship and political suppression do hinder that massively but I do think there are ways we can counter act both.

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Same thing I just said. If censorship of pro-white ideas didn't exist this kid would have inevitably become anti-random SIEGEtard violence because he would have been exposed to the more logical ideas, he wouldn't feel isolated and alienated, fedposters simply wouldn't survive because they'd be called out easily etc.

He did this precisely because jews have created the conditions to force this to be inevitable, assuming it's real.

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A better response in my opinion would be comparing shooting like the Dallas police shooting, does the de-legitimize BLM or an environmentalist mass shooting on an oil rig, does that de-legitimize environmentalism or does the numerous Islamic terror attacks (in particular by "refugees" de-legitimize the fuckers who call for mass immigration and taking in "refugees". Still though, if this case gets propagandized, reactions will be overly emotional for the first few days so the left will have the upper hand until things cool down a bit. I'd say also is that on any White Nat sites, call out or report anyone celebrating or joking about this shit. Fuck the mentally ill parasite responsible for this shit, probably murdered more of the people who claimed to be fighting for and causing a PR headache, hope his life becomes a true living hell.

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I think this whole thing is a fed op to be honest. The dude is in upstate New York and he's apparently redpilled but decided to shoot up a supermarket instead of assassinating a powerful jew, or even shooting up a synagogue or something? It makes no sense, it's not exactly hard to find powerful jews in New York lol. That boomer guy Bowers or whatever shot up a synagogue because he knew jews have power, still stupid but at least it makes a tiny bit of sense. Shooting up a supermarket, most likely prolly just killing normal white people, makes literally no sense for a supposed Nazi terrorist.

I think it's some mental case groomed by the feds and then they've released this manifesto and such.

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I don't know the demographics of Buffalo are only 43.1% NH White.

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Depends on the neighbourhood, it's possible it'll be a mixed bag of people there. That's not the point though, how is shooting up a supermarket a political action? It makes no sense. Maybe I'm just smarter than these people and they don't really think about what makes any sense as a 'target' but I've always found Roof, Tarrant etc extremely suspect because why the fuck would you shoot random civilians if you're supposed to be about fighting the people in power genociding whites?

This one in particular feels a lot like Tarrant and Roof, he wrote a manifesto that falls into a bunch of media memes about the alt right. How often do you hear 'the great replacement'? People haven't been using that phrase for like 5 years+, it wasn't even that popular when I got into this stuff online in 2015. The only time I ever see that is from jews talking about the alt right, or these suspect random acts of violence.

This just glows hard as fuck to me, I'm not at all into conspiracy shit I always countersignal and deboonk that stuff. And I find fed accusations dumb 99% of the time too, but these shooters are always insanely suspect like they make zero sense every single time and they always sound like a not alt right guy but a guy who studies the alt right. Their manifestoes and shit always feel like a journo or a How Do You Do Fellow White Terrorists type.

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I don't know about the conspiratorial aspect, these actions do definitely benefit the elites and the left and we see with stuff like the Michigan Governor kidnapping plot, nothing can be put past them. That said, Tarrant stated his motivation in the manifesto in pretty big detail with multiple reasons. There's a factor of mental illness and psychopathy too with innocent people being an easier target than the parasite elites holed in with armed security. You could say the same stuff about Islamic terrorists running over and bombing Whites at concerts. Also what are you talking about with the great replacement? It's the central ideological point of the dissident right of course it's mentioned a lot in one form or another (replacement,genocide etc).

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That said, Tarrant stated his motivation in the manifesto in pretty big detail with multiple reasons.

Yup, which is how we know it makes no sense whatsoever. The dude literally said jews aren't a problem, most obvious gayop ever.

Also what are you talking about with the great replacement? It's the central ideological point of the dissident right of course it's mentioned a lot in one form or another (replacement,genocide etc).

It's the way they talk about it, it's always the same as 'I Spent 6 Months Infiltrating The Alt Right'. It never reads even remotely similar to people organically talking about white genocide.

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I think Tarrant and Roof were legit tbh, both planned their attacks well and went for what they thought were politically relevant targets. In Tarrants case a mosque known to recruit militants and with Roof a church involved with BLM. I don't think it really did anything but it's more competent than something like this that's obvious fed.

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I think Roof was really like that too, he was prolly groomed by feds as well as being dumb and mental. Tarrant glows like the sun though.

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What is the proof that feds could be behind this?

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They constantly target mentally ill young people to get them to do this stuff. They've been doing it to whites and muslims for decades. Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot, January 6th, The Base, O9A, AtomWaffen are famous examples of fed ops recently.

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Some will argue that that the fash are infiltrating the government, rather than the other way around. I think I've seen people flip-flop on J6 too, some claim that there is an inconsistent narrative between being the protestors being brave or being fed-controlled.

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Some people are retarded and say stupid shit

Ok lol?

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It was bound to happen. Over a long enougn period of time, no matter how rare, no matter all the instances where the shoe was on the other foot, it was bound to happen. Now that it has, the media will not let it go and take full advantage. Nevermind Waukesha, 13/50, etc.

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    I'd say don't share it here, in case of investigation or sub ban, you should probably delete the comment.

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    There's no violence in it, thanks to this cockblocking leaf. Idt I'm breaking any global rules here, just documenting a crisis. If mods or admins disagree they can remove.

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    Be really careful sharing this shit, I'd really recommend deleting just for safety reasons as those links probably would be monitored, especially immediately after the event.

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    I rehosted so it shouldn't be an issue

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      Not everyone who participates on this sub is Salos, stop being delusional.

      In what way am I "trolling for comments to use for nefarious use"? I literally warned this user to delete the comment. Why shouldn't we be discussing this shit given the consequences and fallout these incidents have if propagandized?

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        Fuck you then, believe whatever you fucking want. Go to an institution for paranoia.

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        True. Sam Hyde image though.

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        I rehosted it on catbox from gdrive so there shouldn't be any issues with monitoring. Obviously open at your own risk though and feel free to use vpn/tor if you feel it's necessary.