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We have a former user named certified rabbi. Not sure what he's up to lately but he would be in the top five. MortalSisyphus was quite sharp but I haven't seen him for two years. Of our regular users jamesrocket, pcpmasterrace and nombre27 are all quite articulate. Honorable mention to caspervoneverec and a newer user with lgbtq in his name.

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We lost literalotherkin a few months ago. No one knows what happened to him. I miss the rabbi also. He was like a hate fact machine gun.

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I think of the people that effortposted soyency stuff BasementInhabitant was the best, above CertifiedRabbi.

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He hasn't posted for a long time. Not since the early days on reddit.

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certified rabbi was a standout.

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I don't really care for articulate, the ones who I thought had the most value because they brought stuff other accounts didn't were MortalSisyphus, BasementInhabitant, NeoRail, Paine (many accounts, his newest was GroyperStan, he had PerfectingPaine and PostmodernPaine), and the guy who had something about rock climbing in his flair I forgot his name but this guy knew a lot about postmodernism, literature, philosophy etc. These were guys who I would find myself constantly upvoting or hearing about shit I never heard of before from that I'd look into.

These guys were people who had more unique things to say that gave me the impression they read or were just smart and thought about stuff themselves. Lots of people can say stuff that's based but it's just a rewording of typical rhetoric but these guys brought/bring more unique stuff. Sadly only NeoRail came over here from my top 5 list.

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Would you mind sharing more about the other posters you mentioned? I remember MortalSisyphus's username from Reddit, but I don't remember anything about his politics. I don't know anything about the other three at all, other than that you have mentioned Paine before.

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There's not much detail really, I just remember I rarely disagreed with these guys and never noticed stuff like libertarian hangovers, weird conspiracy stuff, boomer kneejerkism, dumb anti-communism, racist liberalism etc along with them seeming well thought out and well read as opposed to the norm of people just posting opinions, reactions etc

BasementInhabitant - king of the effortposters and HBD spergs imo, he knew a bunch of studies and would post about that kind of stuff a lot, CertifiedRabbi was similar to this but BI was better imo.

MS - he was the head mod who was a national socialist back when not many people were. He had a special place in everyone's heart but mine in particular cuz he asked me to be a mod because he liked my takes😎👍

Paine - he was one of the oldest posters, the first one I remember along with Fiveos and MS when I first used the sub. I remember him and MS always having good takes and it remained that way until the ban. He's on and as Bob Ross nowadays.

The last guy whose name I forgot read leftists, postmodernists, critical theory and all that kind of stuff so he'd always have interesting comments that stood out. He'd give book recommendations and discuss stuff he read in books which is something I always liked.

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That's interesting. Thanks.

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Most articulate? It is not as if people publish formal essays or tracts on here...

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Neorail, obviously. We had a plethora of sharp users back in the reddit days. Also, this sub is dying because of the s/all rule.

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Posters like caspar and markimus contribute a lot, but can be too schizo and impolite respectively.

NeoRail always conducts himself in a courteous and genuine manner which is very difficult to do in this clown world. Also, he seems to have a broad range of knowledge rather than specialising in one area.

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How bout u go an fuck off my page then u peice of shit u think I need a stupid fuckwitt like u telling me about being impolite who the fuck are u take your worthless advice and get the fuck out of here

(this is copypasta btw)

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I remember in the reddit sub, waltzroomate was great at addressing skeptical normies and trolls. They really couldnt disagree with what he was saying as it was completely reasonable, even self evident, and contained no malice or hate. I thought he was the perfect ambassador, and I know because when I first visited the sub I had a generally negative view of the alt right. Waltz and a few others always seemed like the adults in the room when debating shitlibs and their dumbed down disingenuous talking points and sputtering hatred.

I still dont really consider myself alt right, but I've valued this sub ever since even though it's now kind of a shell of it's former self.

EDIT: pcpmasterrace doesnt comment much or waste words, but I almost always agree with what he has to say. Markimus is also good at condensing and exposing a lot of what is twisted and destructive about organized Jewish power. I think he sometimes goes a little too far with his disdain of Jews in general, I don't have a problem with most Jews personally, and dont get the whole Nazi thing, but he's good at calling them out on their bullshit.

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They really couldnt disagree with what he was saying as it was completely reasonable, even self evident, and contained no malice or hate.

Agreed, WaltzRoommate was great at debate and is the reason I changed some of my views.

Even after my ban from the sub he would debate me in DMs. He held no hate and I respected his objectivity.

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I don't have a problem with most Jews personally

It's not about a personal dislike of Jews. My closest friend growing up was Jewish and because I'm a former liberal I often get along personally with Jews better than other groups (not so much the last few years though). What 'antisemitism' is really about is Jews collectively working together to disenfranchise host populations in order to enrich themselves. Many of them are totally unaware of these parasitical behaviors and just conduct themselves as 'liberals' or 'urbanites' or 'atheists' or 'cosmopolitans'. It's really only very very wealthy and connected Jews that learn about actively perpetuate the leveraged power of judaism.

and dont get the whole Nazi thing

I'm curious if you've read either of these. If you get a chance give them a read and let me know what you think. They were very influential on me during my movement towards the fashy side of the alt right.

pcpmasterrace doesnt comment much or waste words, but I almost always agree with what he has to say.

Agree. Same here. /u/pcpmasterrace is a quality no nonsense person that I have a lot of respect for.

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Many of them are totally unaware of these parasitical behaviors and just conduct themselves as 'liberals' or 'urbanites' or 'atheists' or 'cosmopolitans'.

This is an interesting point. Kevin Mcdonald has frequently stated that they tend to practice self deception to a much greater degree than other groups. A lot of people kind of ignore this, but I think it's actually quite important and explains a lot of the reason they can be so destructive and consistently get both themselves and the people they live amongst in so much trouble. A lot of people forget that Mcdonald is a trained psychologist. In fact he's a professor emeritus of psychology and was the head of the psychology department at a prestigious university, with published research, long before he became the Jews public enemy number 1, so he knows what he's talking about. As much as they try, he's not someone they can easily dismiss. Analyzing and understand human behavior is basically his area of expertise, and he can credibility be called one of the foremost experts.

I think some of their elite are the most malevolent people on planet earth. There's no self deception involved. They know exactly what they're doing.

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Honestly too many to list, I'll just go with everyone that is not Salos

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It's not the same question, but this is my top 10 upvoted users on RES.

/u/Markimus has more than double the next guy. I do remember that it reset at some point, so it's not comprehensive. /u/send_nasty_stuff is completely absent from the list, but Jack's up in there. /u/NeoRail too. No one else is still around, at least not under these names.

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It's not the same question, but this is my top 10 upvoted users on RES.

We really lost a lot of quality guys didn't we?

/u/send_nasty_stuff is completely absent from the list, but Jack's up in there

same guy ;)

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There was an active user on the old DAR, who was called "Frame" something (not framegame) and he was my favorite. He didn't transition over to saidit though

He always framed DARs as morally good and those who oppose us as the morally worst people ever, and he did it very successfully

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franzop? I remember him, good guy, looks like he disappeared around May 2019.

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