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It is amazing how much they blame Tucker. They have this similar delusion about Trump, they think people like Tucker and Trump radicalize the Right.

The true source of radicalization of the Right even moreso than the internet is the Left, its ideology, rhetoric, and behavior.

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They have this similar delusion about Trump

This. They keep shouting about Trump, but the dude is a kosher sandwich. It's like anyone to the right of Mitt Romney is a neonazi skinhead to them.

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The shooter did not draw from Tucker at any time. Tucker's probably just mentioned lots because he's one of the few conservatives who have come close, along with a few other GOP members.

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They are attacking Tucker because Fox News is the only major media channel not yet in (((their))) control, and because Tucker talks about replacement.

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Yes, though it is more of a liberal view. Leftists say that a replacement theory mindset had been ingrained in America since its founding or after the Civil War at most.

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They have to cut off what they see as 'gateways' to our way of thinking.

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They attack him because he has a massive amount of viewers that trumps every other news channel in the US, jews are cryng in pain Fox News is the only major news channel not yet in their control.

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The true source of radicalization of the Right even moreso then the internet is the Left, its ideology, rhetoric, and behavior.

The thing is you're thinking logically and looking at the truth. The Media is entirely concerned with brainwashing and enforcing compliance among the "stupid goyim" they want to control. The truth is inconvenient to that, because Dissident beliefs are in most cases objective truths.

They openly lie, omit and refuse to report on certain topics, and use brainwashing techniques to control their viewership.

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The true source of radicalization of the Right even moreso then the internet is the Left, its ideology, rhetoric, and behavior.

Leftists have been openly calling for violence against whoever they don't like, there have been so many murderous attacks against innocent people, yet they almost never get arrested by the police or even condemned by the political system.

This has been the reality in various European countries, for example Italy with the Years of Lead and the assassination of Mikis Mantakas

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I have so far seen several articles that describe the theory but often provide little as to why it is not happening and is a different subject anyway of supporting/opposing it vs plainly stating it exists or not. Most of the criticism we're seeing today says it is a bad theory because its believers care about race and are opposed to it happening. If anyone does examine the theory, they often say it is not deliberate in any way and wouldn't result in displacement of Whites.

I find it bewildering that Tucker is to blame over all, as in any way he was not the main inspiration.

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Even the wikipedia page calls it a conspiracy theory but fails to debunk it and in certain parts confirms it.

The parasites in the media do not have standards and will do everything in their power to take down Tucker, it's quite obvious that they want him out, they even investigated him and found out that he mentioned repalcement in 400 of the episodes of his show.

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Yes, a weak response especially on the "white genocide conspiracy theory" article. The only one I've seen on any article are Muslim population projections in Europe (from one Pew study that cites them at 10% in 2050). I find it harder to prove for Europe than America,.

Let us see what comes of Tucker Tonight now, they have not stopped him yet.

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I was about to say the same thing as you. I read some of these articles but they provide no counter evidence. The best they can come up with is that its a theory 'widely condemned.' But that doesn't show its untrue.

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Apparently they are also blaming the crackdowns on CRT on enabling the theory to stay around. Not sure how the former could prevent the latter.

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This was entirely predictable. It's one of their continuously repeated tactics. Cherry picking examples and saying bad person said X, therefore anyone else who said X is equally bad and responsible for what the bad person did. Of course the tactic requires mind numbing hypocrisy, since using the same tactic one could do the exact same thing with the repeated killings and massacres that have resulted from Blacklivesmatter and white privilege rhetoric etc. Of course that doesnt happen because the people who use this tactic are the ones who control the media, and who have selectively used this tactic to increase this control.

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If jews didn't have double standards they would not have standards at all. What worries me however is that guys like Tucker and other normie right winger might be forced to stop talking about replacement and that would be extremely bad for us.

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Also, it's not even a theory anymore. Too many anti white shitlibs have openly bragged about it. It seems like every major media publication has some neocon that wrote an article celebrating it, so the cats out of the bag now.

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Welcome to jewish perverse logic, if they talk about it it's good but if you talk about it you're a white supremacist.

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Something like 1/3 of Americans believe the replacement is happening. At least another third believe it's happening but wont admit it. So as long as it IS happening I dont see the issue going away. That is just the reality of the situation. At this point the only way to stop people from talking about being replaced, is to stop replacing them.

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Everyone knows the replacement is happening. It comes down to 3 camps. You're against it, for it, or you think it doesn't matter.

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LOL, Tucker will get more viewers than ever. The vast majority will see that what he says makes sense.

Liberals are often short term impulsive thinkers. They’re screwing the pooch here.

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His segment on it was cringeworthy.

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What did he say on it?

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It was an endless speech on the importance of creating a colorblind meritocracy.

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So what are you implying when you and others say the feds were involved? Are you claiming the kid is a fed? He is fake and not real?

It seems the most realistic possibility is the feds knew he had potential to do something like this and allowed it which is why he passed the background check to get the guns.

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No, I'm claiming that not only the feds knew about him but they were actively involved into pushing him to commit the act. Even the manifesto was written by the feds, apparently 87 pages of it are used to describe in great detail the equipment he used. To me it's hilariously obvious that feds were at the center of all of it.

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I wonder why this theory is hardly talked about outside of here.

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It's literally talked about basically everywhere lol, fuck off. I've even seen lolberts memeing it.

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Well the left isn't picking up on it for sure, and I'm surprised there haven't been any fact checkers/whatever stating how it was apparently all organic or a sign that the feds are far-right rather than molding the right.

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Fact checkers and leftoids constantly ignore massive factual lapses in their propaganda. Rarely do people pick up on it or pay attention. If some diminutive kike on CNN told them the sky was red, a shocking contingent of people would seethe with rage at any suggestion that it's blue, and an even more massive proportion would either go along with it to stay in society's/the elite's good graces, or entertain the idea if not fully believing it.

The feds and the media would never allow it to even be suggested to the public at large that they are responsible for things they are responsible for.

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I don't understand this logic at all. One can agree with most or all of his manifesto (largely copypasta fromwnag I understand) and still denounce his actions. By this stupid logic, Mariners fans should renounce their team because Ted Bundy was a Mariners fan. To be clear Mariners fans should renounce, and baseball sucks, but not because Ted Bundy was a Mariners fan.

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Jewish perverse logic my friend, an example for you, they brag about controlling the media and the upper echelons of society but call you an anti semite if you say it.

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baseball sucks

I will accept this opinion if you believe all sportsball sucks.

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I'm wavering. I'm still a Packers fan but that flag could finally fall. As much to do with 25 years if shameful under performance, nice guy idiot fans, the infighting re Favre, and putting money in the NFL (which has also made our universities shit gjemsleves out as the minor league to the NBA and NFL.

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Intriguing also is the possibility of the rather unusual 'Gendron' being a Jewish surname: (see the graphic posted at )

Here, I've only ever heard people label Carlson a cuck because of his incomplete conception of the motives behind mass immigration.

Carlson's understanding is simply that the Democrats push mass immigration because it will hand them a victory in all Federal (and many southern state) elections. And while that generally seems to be true, it's clearly incomplete. At most, that's surely just the icing on the cake for the Democrats.

It explains not why Republicans also push mass immigration, even when it clearly benefits Democrats at least insofar as elections are concerned.

Nor does it explain why so many people see it as bad and yet believe that it is good that it is bad. That some sort of just desserts or well-deserved punishment is coming for America as a nation-state and/or the whole European race.

Chalking it down to a long-term Democratic election strategy is simply too narrow an analysis. At the very least, the Republican, 'Right-wing' version and the explicitly anti-White version ('It is indeed bad, but it is good that it is bad, because what is bad for you is good because you are bad') simply aren't accounted for through this simplistic lens.

So I am not exactly sure what the OP means in Tucker 'talking about ethnic replacement'. To my understanding, Tucker has only ever been aware of one of the (at the very least) three components (pathological altruism probably constitutes something of a fourth) of support for mass immigration. That is, that he has talked about importing a new straight-D voting electorate to replace less reliable ones. But 'American' is not reducible to 'American voter'; there is surely more to this than a mere Democrat power-play.

Of course, even coming close to the reality of the matter would be enough to generate a backlash. But surely Tucker could then just respond that he rejects everything about The Great Replacement except the idea of it as election strategy and powerplay? Which wouldn't even be a lie.

Next, some have indeed noticed also that the 'manifesto' could be construed as serving some sort of function. For at least two reasons. Firstly, a whole list of websites are listed as having inspired him. Naturally, having a 'terrorist' promote a website is perfect for getting it taken down. Second, because he meticulously lists everything that he obtained, which is again perfect for getting all sorts of things banned.