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Russia isn't going to let you in. We also don't speak vodkatalk. Also, Russia is a backwards country. It was run by communists for a half century, then jewish oligarchs plundered what was left after it collapsed. Read a fucking book on Russian history. It has been an awful mess since Peter the Great passed.

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I mean, learning a language it's not that hard.

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When you become fluent in vodkatalk, let us know.

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There is something very strange and paradoxical about nationalists who propose moving to other countries and assimilating, especially on a mass level.

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If I was absolutely sure that my country was beyond any possible redemption, I would flee. There's no point to sink with the ship when you're part of a broader civilization.

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That's a completely hypothetical scenario though, absolute certainty about things like this has never existed and never will exist.

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I was admittedly inspired by the comment of Caspar, "the only hope for the west is Russian invasion". I thought "well, what would I do if it got to the point that the only hope is a Russian invasion?"

But I think that there is a fair share of people that honestly think that only the total collapse of the actual order could save us.

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I am not sure there would be much to save if the predictions of the "collapse" crowd actually came true.

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Why would you move to Russia even if they were gonna invade? So you can get nuked or embroiled in a civil war? If the West was absolutely fucked like that then LatAm is probably the best option. Plenty of frontier, enclaves, cheap cost of living, and the chances of getting involved in a war or nuclear strike are extremely slim. Even nuclear fallout wouldn't affect it I believe because it's in the southern hemisphere. In that vein Aus/NZ is also an option but far more expensive and with a more overbearing System that's in line with the same destructive policies.

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Well you're Aryans it's in your nature to move to greener pastures to conquer

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The idea called white flight needs to be erased from the brain of our people for the simple fact that once you start running away you'll never stop and eventually we'll run out of places to flee.

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Stop being a jew then

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Whites are descended from herders and hunter gatherers it's hard to reverse that ancient impulse

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1) l I don't speak Russian. I have studied German off and on for 30 years and will at this point never speak like a native speaker. Past 40 I would imagine it would be impossible for me to achieve true mastery of Russian.

2) The division between Germanic peoples and Slavs is pretty wide. I believe Putin even said that in an interview stating that although he is white and we may this k he looks us, we are not the same I tend to agree.

3) There is a lot I like about Russia, and I think Putin is the lesser of all evils, but he is corrupt.

That stated if I won the lottery and would be allowed to keep my earnings, if not Russia I might consider a place like Hungary. Germany I am just not sure about. Have wanted to live there since I was 16, and have worked and lived there but Germany is just so far gone I am not sure I could handle living there per any. It would be like the Dali Lama living in occupied Tibet.

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Germany is just so far gone I am not sure I could handle living there per any.

Isn't it far whiter than the UK outside of a couple cities? And I think culturally it's not as accepting of migrants in practice from what I've heard, remember seeing a chart that put Germany as among the harder countries for international students to assimilate to.

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Not a good sign that you compare Germany to the UK. Things are really bad in Germany.

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I only used that because I thought you were British tbh.

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No I am American, unfortunately.

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I think all Americans in the DR should be investing in real estate/residencies in latam and europe just in case. I don't think all of it is lost but it's important if you become unpersoned in America to have backups.

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I follow a Russian Youtuber and other than Moscow, the rest of Russia looks like a Snowy version of Brazil.

Even China has more developed cities like Shanghai or Shenzhen.

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    Middle ages is still better than present day Africa.

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    Then it's good that mostly Africans live in present day Africa.

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    When I say Africa, I mean Paris France.

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    Why would you want that glitzy cyberpunk shit tho I honestly don't like Shenzen at all. Shanghai is somewhat better

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      There are some cities that are a bit more rustic especially up north. I wouldn't mind living in Harbin

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      I will be honest the thought of moving to Europe has interested me for a bit. I have lived for a brief stint in the past and would love to live there again for maybe a few years. However as much as I hate America it is where I was born, my home. I think I can most effectively make a difference here rather than Europe