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Back in the 1920s, America use to have a quota system. They took in White immigrants, but it was heavily controlled to not annoy the locals already living there.

That's basically how the country was suppose to be run, until the 1965 Act destroyed it.

And just my own opinion but why do Europeans need to immigrate at all? If anything, they need to stay in Europe and help support their local economy and birth rate.

Otherwise, they experience the same brain drain that plagues other 3rd world nations.

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America needs to develop a real national identity, continuing to be a nation of immigrants prevents that from happening therefore the immigration needs to be limited to allow the limited amounts of immigrants to integrate without developing a large population with no bloodlinks to its past.

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Not unless Europe fixed its birthrate first.

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Yes, I would support it but I am also European. I think its fair that if 5% of the US population is Danish, then the US should be allowed to have 5% of the population in Denmark, and in reverse. If we allow an american to immigrate here, america allows a proportionate amount of people to the US.

I wouldn't even mind immigration from Turkey if it was symmetrical like that too. If we take in 5% of our population in Turks, then they allow 5% of the population of Turkey to be Danish.

But immigration in its current form is simply erasure of white populations. The left has a term for it: "white flight"

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Why would Danes move to Turkey?

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European reconquest of Anatolia?

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maybe only europeans who are genuine refugees like from south africa or other places where they are being persecuted