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Is there really any point in discussing this guy? He's a clown who just seeks attention. There has already been enough cited to prove this ten times over. Stop talking about him.

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Its fun to shit on him.

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Beating a dead horse at this point.

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Spencer is irrelevant.

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He isn't endorsing him because he likes him ideologically or likes his politics but because he is one of few mainstream politicians who isn't a clown. Most people in the political elite are just not suitable for politics from a personal level. Serious matters are turned into clown shows.

Romney is at least not a clown and at least an adult in the room even if I dislike a lot of his ideas

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Oh come on, he's a neocon shill. He's worse than a clown. Spencer's contrarianism is just absurd at this point.

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You mean the living caricature if Guy Smiley? He is one of the biggest clowns of all.

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he is one of few mainstream politicians who isn't a clown.

What? Romney is the king of clowns. It's like if you mated Newt Gingrich with Elizabeth Warren. This guy has nothing to offer. Take the worst part of the republican party and combine it with the worst democrats have to offer and Voila, you get Mitt Romney. He's also mormon, with magic underwear and seer stones in his hat.