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The cops literally stopped the parents from going in and saving their own kids. Abolish the police. Let people deal with Nogs themselves. Crime will collapse.

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I remember hearing the race of the buffalo shooter hundreds of times. I had to google this texas guy to find out he was mexican.

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We don't need gun control, what we need is border control.

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Agreed. I heard a border control agent actually took down this mexican at the school. Double plus good.

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Given how poorly US border control works, it could be argued that anywhere Mexicans (and other Latin Americans) are in the US is de facto their jurisdiction.

Supposedly this is the guy

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There are illegal aliens everywhere in the US.

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The FBI was the cause of both the recent shootings, not gun laws.

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Since I genuinely can't tell if you're being sincere or not (in this reply at least), let me put forth these questions and facts:

How did a crossdressing Mexican incel get over $5,000 worth of gear, and why did a crowd of heavily armed cops arrest parents and allow the shooting to happen?

And in Buffalo, they're even openly investigated a fed for knowing about the shooting, not to mention the fact that the rambling buzzword-infested manifesto the furfag retard who committed the shooting wrote reads like something a typical normie shitlib would write if asked to write the most cliche, meme-tier caricature 'evil neo-nazi' manifesto they could.

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If you look at my comment history, you'll notice that about half of them over the past two weeks have been related to pointing out what appear to me as alphabet agency provacateur operations.

The manifesto is a complete joke. It reads like a noob at the FBI wrote it. I read about 10 pages of it and made up my mind that it was a gayop.

Read this whole article. It's obvious the feds are into this type of stuff deep.

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Good, I hoped you were being sarcastic (the main post was obvious, but comments somewhat less so). There are people in our movement and adjacent to it too retarded to see these obvious links despite it literally being laid out in front of them and openly stated in no uncertain terms, however, and I've been talking with numerous recently, so perhaps my attitude has simply been skewed by their lack of insight.

I read about 10 pages of it and made up my mind that it was a gayop

Yeah, it's extremely obvious if you know even a tiny amount about the Third Position, it's a jumble of buzzwords and assumptions of what we believe from outsiders. The Feds are really kicking up their efforts in all fields of subterfuge, gayops being one of them.

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I will never understand the US and its insane gun culture.

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At the very least 18 year olds should not be able to buy assault rifles. There's no reason for it. A lot of these mass shootings are done by teenagers, many of them who bought the guns legally. The frontal lobes of the brain in males are usually not fully developed until around age 25, and that is the part of the brain responsible for foresight, planning, empathy, impulse control, etc.

Add in to the fact they have very little life experience, are immature, often have poor perspective on things, are hormonal and prone to blowing things out of proportion, and it's a recipe for disaster.

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Bullshit. If you are old enough to vote... Drinking age should be 16 too, 18 maximum.

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I agree. Old enough to be drafted into the military, so old enough to own a gun.

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No. Sources of corruption should be kept away from the youth until they're much older than 18. This is why progressives target children with their filth.

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The drinking age in Europe and the rest of the world is 16 or non-existant, has been that way for a long time.

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Are the cultures in question comparable in your opinion? (when it comes to relevant variables regarding substance abuse, addiction, etc.?)

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No, not even close. We would need to fix the cultural rot and separate from niggers before you could lower the drinking age.

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I'm not sure how much impact it would have. Teenagers will just pick a new gun to use. A mini-14 typically isn't considered an assault rifle, but it does the same thing.

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I would consider a mini 14 an assault rifle.

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"Assault rifle" is a term that Uncle Adolf supposedly came up with (Sturmgewehr), and one of the defining characteristics is that it must be capable of selective fire. Civilian versions don't have this.

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What characteristcs would you use to define assault rifle? How scary looking it is? Pretty much any semi-automatic rifle is going to be extremely dangerous in the hands of a deranged teen.

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What characteristcs would you use to define assault rifle?

I'm not going to play word games, but a high powered rifle capable of semiautomatic fire that is able to take high capacity magazines would suffice, any such weapon is capable of wiping out large numbers of people in a short amount of time, and no teen should be able to buy one on short notice, if at all. AR-15 style weapons are particularly dangerous because of certain handling and recoil characteristics particular to those weapons, weapons which were designed for war, but even a mini 14 can do some serious damage in a short time.

Honestly, if the US wasnt a borderline third world country that stands on the edge of total collapse, I'd be for strict gun control. As it stands though, the summer of Floyd and the eruptions of anarcho-tyranny we've seen (and the real potential for far worse), have largely settled the gun debate. Americans no longer trust each other or their government enough to give up their guns. It's an unfortunate and totally avoidable situation, and preventing such a situation is exactly why I started speaking out about the clown bullshit that's created this situation, but I still think allowing pretty much all teens to easily buy semi automatic weapons that can cause total carnage on a whim is a bridge too far, especially given how increasingly dimwitted, detached from reality and degenerate younger Americans are becoming.

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I think addressing the media contagion effect would get you better results.

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We already have universal background checks.

Psycho killers have always and will always be with us. But once we give up our guns they are never coming back. Government mandated sex change? What are you gonna do about it? Gulag? What are you going to do about it?

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Yah the post was sarcasm.

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I'm not sure many of us got that.

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I'm confused about the "universal background checks" line repeated by leftists. I've bought and sold probably a dozen guns in my lifetime. Every single one had a background check. Gun show? Background check! Online? Background check! Pawn shop? Background check!

I keep hearing them talk about background checks being needed for online purchases. Ok? What website are these people buying their guns on that don't require FFL?