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I am seeing more and more little black kids in my city, I've seen a white woman with a black guy, I am not a real fan of diversity, of cultures being intertwined and all.

Latvians are a dying people, we do not need to be diverse, we need to be more Latvian and now than ever, we are going to destroy ourselves with this stupidity and people do not understand.

But on the other hand, the reason why nobody makes kids here is because of shit job wages, poor child support from the government and high expenses and now we have sanctions + inflation screwing us over so now is not the time. Our government isn't doing anything to prevent the death of the Latvian people and is promoting LGBT bullshit, but people are protesting against it, the conservatives are full force against it and I guess I know who I'll vote for.

Immigrants bring nothing but destruction, examples? Germany, Sweden, Britain, America, etc.

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I'm skeptical of some of these numbers. France doesn't keep racial data and Germany doesn't either I think.

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Congoids have an average penis size of 7.1 inches. Is that why you hate them so much?

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If that self reported number were actually true, every 10th or 20th guy hitting the top tail of 2 standard deviations walking around in that area of the world would have a larger penis than anyone in porn and setting world records everytime anyone bothered to measure the population.

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Frankly we are close to the extinction of the white race. And we only have ourselves to blame. You see so many people who want more "refugees" for cheap labour, women who are looking forward to producing dark children, all kinds of freaks who want to play the role of the savior of the planet and so on. Not to mention those voting for the wrong parties. In just a few years we have seen this sudden change in demographics, give it a few years and there's no turning back.

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    Despite their role, they obviously found an audience that wanted to listen to them.

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      Thats why we need to remove people like u/arainynightinskyrim

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      Frankly we are close to the extinction of the white race.

      What a ridiculous assessment. Whites are still 10% of the world population and way more capable of surviving starvation and extreme extinction events. Many of the races that make up the other 90% are being propped up by aid from western nations. They will quickly drop in numbers when there's global instability and whites can't help them.

      Demographically whites are stagnating but not really dropping. Stagnation is only really dangerous when other races are out breeding you. That 'out breeding' won't last much longer.

      women who are looking forward to producing dark children

      This is a psyop lie. White women are the least miscegenating group of women on the planet.

      give it a few years and there's no turning back

      No turning back what?

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      women who are looking forward to producing dark children

      This is a psyop lie. White women are the least miscegenating group of women on the planet.

      Take a look (or more helpfully don't) at white American women under 40

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      Drying up the welfare office, both locally and globally, would entirely halt the darkening of the world. Those countries would go back to population sizes in balance with what they're capable of producing (not much) and they would leave once they have to spend outside in winter if public housing were ever cut-off.

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      Pure hyperbole. A lot of Western countries might go the way of Brazilification or South Africa in the future, but notice the same map shows "0%" for the Baltic European countries? Or Poland who only has 1% replacement?

      And truth be told, even if the White population is pushed to the absolute brink, there have been comebacks throughout history before.

      Both Spain & Portugal use to live under Muslim rule for hundreds of years, until they eventually freed themselves and would later go on to conquer the entire American Continent.

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      There is no comparable population movement in European history. The Muslim Iberian (and Sicily/Southern Italy) states were principally case of elite replacement not mass migration like we are seeing now, mostly it was in cities that new population arrived and they left a relatively limited genetic legacy in only a few areas. The Steppe invaders likewise were mostly just a ruling caste who basically disappeared into the much larger genetic milieu that looked largely the same before and after their period of dominance.

      Modern mass European migrations are true population changes comparable only to something like the colonization of the Americas, except occurring at a much faster rate (it still took hundreds of years for Mexico and South America to become "mixed"). Nor has there really been anything comparable to the level of integration these new populations quickly achieve - the religious cultural and linguistic barriers are much less severe than most historical examples.

      In continental history the closest event is probably the movement of Anatolian/Near Eastern farmers mixing with Europeans as semi modern farming spread. Again that's something that took place over probably hundreds of years though and those groups were much more closely related (especially at that point) to Europeans.

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      (((White migrants from Ukraine))) like u/arainynightinskyrim

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      You're clearly mentally retarded, you should find a good mental clinic my friend.

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      What about the model of demographic transition? Many allege that these non-White birth rates will recede over time to the norm.

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      That's already happening. The problem is the constant influx.

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      But is the immigration to decline as well?

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      There are still many millions of migrants that would gladly choose Europe over their own country. I suspect they would want to keep moving there even if their own birth rates dropped significantly sometime in the future - long after Europe would have already become majority non white if these trends continued for a few more decades.

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      That makes sense; I wish there was more exploration into this.

      Now what do you say about Eastern European immigrants? That is a common debunk brought about by those against the theory.