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.win is more active, but it looks like it has lots of brigading Jew/golem shills and trolls, and they have a track record of bringing down sites or turning them into club fed.

I used to think the fed monitoring/grooming shit was paranoia, but the information thats come out about the buffalo shooter being egged on by at least one fed and probably more has me reevaluating this.

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I came across a good amount on telegram you just have to keep your head on straight and you won't run into any problems

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Yeah, but it’s just an fyi that the site has been targeted.

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it's always a tell when you find people that are very openly and vulgarly extreme ime

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There's definitely a core group of edgelords on that site that were active on reddit during its alt right heyday, and since migrated from other dead sites like ruqqus. They can be pretty extreme, but also extremely funny and good at summarizing(and sometimes exagerating) a lot of the worst of Jewish behavior. You can usually tell the Jewish imposters by the fact they arent really funny at all. They know the lingo and the talking points, but just go for over the top shock value and fed posting. They're like a shitty off brand immitation of the alt right with the usual obvious attempts at subversion. The left really cant meme.

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Yeah it's all about the delivery they sound much angrier and neurotic, very jewish of them.

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While my personal outlook has never been stronger or more optimistic, I will say my general outlook, as a South African, is that things will get a lot worse before they get better. It's weird to be back here in this part of cyberspace, as I've largely ignored this kind of discourse online or offline. I realise retrospectively that my thoughts and intuitions regarding the kind of topics discussed here have only crystallized even further, despite nearly a whole year of trying to find counterarguments in my daily existence, I'm unable to do so. I feel like every experience I have just affirms my intuition despite an extreme effort from my part to over-search and over-fit for counterfactual evidence of the contrary. I'm tired of actively fighting my innate intuitions and feelings though.

Imagine every single city or town in your country being neighbored by a giant slum. Imagine the streets of all these major cities and towns lined with homeless people, tents and trash everywhere. Women do not feel safe to walk anywhere. The percentage as a whole of my friends or acquaintances I know who've experienced violent crimes(stabbings/shootings, rape etc..) continues to increase. I could go on but I'll spare you the details of daily life in what is probably Africa's most developed city.

Good to be back. Keen to get into some serious heavy reading, as previously I think my interest was mainly based on the DAR subreddit and my knowledge mainly came from light written/video essays/blogs and some race-realism stuff. Currently reading René Girard alongside Guillaume Faye.

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Good to see you king. I recommend Yockey's stuff if you haven't read him already.

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Guillaume Faye

Archeofuturism: European Visions of the Post-catastrophic Age has some weird parts but it's one of the best visions that the Dissident Right has produced in the last couple of decades. Faye also predicted the return of global pandemics by the year 2020 in his book Convergence of Catastrophes. He wrote this in 2012!

As far as serious heavy reading is concerned, I always recommend Carl Schmitt, Thorstein Veblen, and of course, Friedrich Nietzsche.

[–]MarkimusNational Socialist 4 insightful - 2 fun4 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 2 fun -  (7 children) is a lot better than this site btw for anyone wondering. There's like 10x as much activity, and most the guys there are pro-white and anti-semitic as opposed to the lolbert/conspiracy guys here.

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I wonder when will they come up with an Android app, that to me is the biggest obstacle of just switching there.

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The awful mobile experience is a bigger strike against it than it being a probable honeypot.

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I wouldn't know if it's a honeypot because I didn't visit it because of horrible mobile UX lmao

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Did they ever fix this?

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I highly doubt google would allow it.

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No need for Google, it's not like it's Apple crap where you are bound to a single publishing place.

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True but this subreddit is still the best

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At /u/ethnocrat 's suggestion I started my first batch of garlic honey this morning.

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I did some hand work this weekend while trying to avoid thinking about the news or the state of society. Everyone expects war with Turkey, yet the government insists everything is fine and there's no need to worry. TV and the press spew propaganda about how great everything is thanks to the government while the reality is totally different and people are barely making it through the month. This is a truely communist dystopia we're living in.

/u/ethnocrat 's suggestion about garlic and honey sounds interesting, I'm curious about the results you'll see.

The cuties gave me a bittersweet vibe, but anyway it's difficult to say whether the move is worth it. It's always good to have one or two meeting points in case of trouble, but there are platform-dependent advantages and disadvantages that you can judge better from your own point of view. I don't know much about and how it works, whether you can participate in other topics and whether it's bound to a specific goal (I remember it started so it could host /r/thedonald?). I do remember everyone was quite optimistic about ruqus, so you never know until you try I guess.

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Everyone expects war with Turkey

wait what country is this I haven't heard of this at all

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Greece. The invasion is expected in the forthcoming months.

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There's no way that will happen. You're both members of NATO. Why would Turkey even do that?

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Actually Turkey has announced that they might leave NATO. Even US media imply that Turkey should leave NATO as well. Turkey was also a NATO member during the 1955 events [1] [2] and during the invasion and subsequent occupation of Cyprus [1].

Here are some very recent articles:

The reasons are many. The main one is that Turkey always dreamed of re-occupying territories where the local population were living as slaves, and the more recent one is that they demand a part of Greece so that they get access to the oil and gas sources.

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If it happens it might unite Europe.

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ah fuck I wanted to visit both those countries that's a shame hopefully it'll be limited in scope

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Funny incident at the platinum jubilee idk if you guys have seen it

Some casino somehow got away with having a sonnenrad on their float. 'Northern Soul' indeed

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Is .win more active than here. It was dead when I checked out a few months ago.

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The DAR iteration is but that's just because we set it as a backup. There are a lot of potential users though.

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I'll check it out

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I would be okay with utilizing SaidIt as long as we can or it does not degenerate.

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How much karma do you need to downvote stuff?

Edit: in case anyone else was wondering, it seems to be 100.

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I see you listed Rachel Hurd-Wood among the cuties. She was so gorgeous in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. A true English rose.

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For the last few months I've been messing around with redditors. I drop into subs like Joe Rogan and I make little subtle replies to lead comments that draw some attention. The reply is slightly edgy, slightly redpilled, but not enough to get flagged. Then over the next few days I keep engaging one or two reditors through delayed commenting. Slowly dropping the redpills as the thread gets older is a good system. The mods and 'activists' have lost interest in the thread and the only people still in it are normies and the one person you engaged. It's been kinda fun.

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This thread was shared to:

Turns out we helped 'redpill' somebody.

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Thanks for sharing that. Seriously, it means a lot to me.