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They're your countrymen.

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They're mercs/war tourists aka subhuman cockroaches. They'll be burning in hell soon enough.

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You're the only anglo apart from perhaps Mark Collett that supports Russia in this conflict.

Others like Dutton, Steve Sailer and Spencer all rallied around the anglo-American establishment to cheer for NATO.

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Dutton lives in Finland, and closer you are to Russia, less likely you are to support them (excluding Belarus, China and Serbia obviously), so that would explain him. Spencer is a sophist par exellance, either probably blackmailed by feds or just wants to get rid of alt right stuff around him (tough luck, pal), and I don't know much about Steve Sailer.

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What I don't understand about racist libtards, reactionaries, conspiratards etc who when the rubber hits the road fall in line is why they bother making themselves social pariahs? If you're going to fall in line and lick the boot then why not just be a tranny paedophile?

The only reason I'm willing to become a pariah is because I think these people are evil and I can't do anything but struggle against them. I can't fathom agreeing with them and wanting them to be in power and then just making myself a social pariah as a hobby or something for fun. These people are fucking retards.

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Dutton doesn't want to be British man in Finland acting as a 5th column, and Spencer obvioisly wants to undo his social pariah status and alienate as much of the alt-right people as possible.

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Talking generally not about these specific retards. There's hundreds of thousands of the people I describe, it's obvious why the grifting public figures do it.

Plenty of normies enjoy conspiracy stuff as a fun hobby thing without making themselves into outcastes, it's perfectly doable. It makes no sense that people become 'dissidents' when in reality they are just jewish power fans.

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They are in a sense, the true conservatives. They hate the status quo but go out to bat for it, like Paul Hindenburg in Weimar Germany.

The thing with guys like Sailer, Greg Johnson, and Spencer and goys in the British government like Ben Wallace, they want to act in the interest of their state. They debate policy and geopolitical moves just like how Russian or Chinamen do with their country. "Will this increase British influence and trade there, is this good for British national security here etc."

The issue is that the country they go to bat for has long abandoned them and is now unrecognizable from the one they grew up in.

One can excuse Ben Wallace and Liz Truss because they're rich boomers and they're not ''woke'' on these issues. But men like Spencer, Greg, and Sailer know the name of the game, they know the demographic situation and the cultural situation. They have no excuses.

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Pinner is the only one who appears white, and God knows how that stupid boomer got caught up in all this. Aslin's some paki, and the Moroccan is obviously not British or white. Regardless, are they even countrymen if they are war tourists who will side with whatever side the west tells them to?

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As a hardcore Wehraboo and someone who harbored real prejudices agianst the Russian people for the atrocities they committed, especially on 44-45, and as a child of the 80s who remember s what a threat the Soviet Union was to the entire planet, it feels strange indeed sympathetizong with Russia and Putin they way I do today and during Putin's reign.

Note that Russia has the balls to do what we should have done with Guantanamo detainees.

Edit; important quote indicating this is not an official Russian action, although Russia is probably complict in this action;

[The captives were tried and sentenced in] self-declared Donetsk People's Republic after being captured while fighting for Ukraine.... The court is not internationally recognised and is run by pro-Russian rebels.

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threat the Soviet Union was to the entire planet, it feels strange indeed sympathetizong with Russia and Putin they way I do today and during Putin's reign.

Russia /= USSR.

Communism is a Jewish ideology that was transplanted into Russia by their agents in 1917. This is Russia returning to its natural self after shedding that ideology.

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I know that, but these are ancient prejudices that I known since my earliest memory...

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Since that is a separatist court, they might actually go through with it as well.

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Why is there a Moroccan in Ukraine fighting for ZOG?

We passed "clown world" long ago. Now we're in "fucked up fever dream about a halloween carnival" territory, where things like this aren't surprising despite their illogic

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Good. About time these war tourist scum get what they deserve.

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Aiden Aslin

Good riddance, lmao

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Sentencing prisoners works both ways. Can't wait to see Ukrainians putting Chechen prisoners through similar trials.