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    Europe is a lot harder to prove the theory for. Many will say that Eastern Europeans are the biggest migrant group, or that non-European groups are not present in large numbers.

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    It's not hard, we literally have data from 2015 showing the massive migration patterns of non-whites into Europe.

    Not to mention, look at the politics that surrounds Italy & Libya. After Gaddafi was killed, it's not a coincidence many migrants from Africa have been using Libya to build boats and sail to Europe.

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    Europe is a lot harder to prove the theory for.

    Not for anyone who has been to Paris. I've never seen so many niggers.

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    Uh, no its not. The UK is officially estimated to be minority British by 2070. France, Germany, Sweden, and many other Western European countries will be minority White by the end of this century or soon after at current rates of replacement.

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    Some will point out that since the native population would be slightly under 50% at that time, the effects of replacement would not be profound. Als, what do you think of this video's conclusions on continuing current demographic trends into the future and the existing data that Polish migrants are more vast? You may just go over the portion of the sources as you wish.

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    Decent video but there are still qualms of the theory that many will point out.

    There is a claim that first-generation immigrants are likely to vote Republican going around, as well as (this article)[] which states that such demographic projections are hazy at this time.

    In this kind of argument there should be more evidence to contrast the theories that this is just natural flows of peaceful change.

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    It doesn't matter if they vote Republican. As Vincent James said in the video, if you replace every White person on Earth with a Pakistani person, do you still get Europe-like conditions?

    The answer is no. Pakistan doesn't look like the UK or Belgium as they have more rapes and consider it "normal".

    Culture is downstream from race. Without Japanese people there would be no Japan. Without Aboriginals you don't get Tipis and feather hats. Without White people, you lose most of civilization.

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    The 1965 Hart-Cellar immigration act is not a "natural flow" of people that just happened to stumble their way into America. It's a deliberate act to limit European immigration and create massive inflows of non-European immigrants into America. This was why Emmanual Cellar fought the 1924 Origins act for 40 years to finally overturn it in 1965. With the help of Jewish advocacy organizations as discussed in Kevin McDonald's Culture of Critique. Modern nations-states in the West have border enforcement and travel restrictions. They have entire beaurocracies dedicated to enforcing borders and facilitating mass immigration. People are prevented from coming and going every day. There are passport and visa systems to ensure the right people are allowed to come and go where they are allowed to go. There are hundreds of NGOs which receive state and private funding via donations to facilitate mass immigration, feed them, house them, and help them find jobs. Nothing natural about it.

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    There is a claim that first-generation immigrants are likely to vote Republican going around, as well as this article

    This article is dumbest thing i've ever read

    even as the US population becomes more racially diverse, there is little likelihood that white people, as a group, will lose the privileged position it currently holds

    Yah, no shit. More untermensch doesn't equal an end to nigger underachievement, but that doesn't mean I want more of these apes shitting up my neighborhood.

    and even though there is demographic change, its scale and extent is hotly debated by experts.

    What is there to debate? Every alabaster city has been filled with niggers, mexicans, and mooslims. This is like debating the exact windspeed of a tornado as it rips my home to pieces. It's irrelevant.