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I don't go there because I don't like the humor in the first place (haha blue says the N word, haha red no food, haha yellow pedophile/money-lover, haha green SJW), plus it's all done in a very ironic manner, and unironic irony is a thing I can't stand.

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How do you feel about the place?

It's reddit.

I'm seeing one or two based comments

If the sub crosses a line it will be banned. If the sub gets too big it will be banned. Any work you put in writing quality responses and making connections with people will be totally erased. The whole site turns you into a self censoring robot. Not worth it IMO.

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what site's even good anymore? can't make an account on reddit, device banned on tik tok, can't make new accounts on ig, and telegram is just fucking dry. mostly go on twit these days

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Most of my time is spent on


and here of course. I don't do the telegram thing.

device banned on tik tok

Tik tok allows hashtags talking about white women being sexual slaves to black men but #whitemanswhore is banned. What a joke. Although these thirsty women are circumventing the ban with #whitemanswhre

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Two of the better subs are r/forwardsfromhitler and r/forwardsfromklandma

Basically pretend you're offended by something and you can post whatever you want.

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TIL that /r/forwardsfromhitker got b& lmao

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Oh damn, I didn't even notice that. Can probably just use klandma for the same shit.

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I haven't been there in a while but I remember it being unique place where a wide range of political opinions coexisted in which even the far right was excepted. In most subs far right right views are considered so heinous no left wing type would ever engage in banter with them.

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y'all can still make accounts on reddit?

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I didn't start using it until a few months before they deplatformed en bloc most of the 'Right-wing' subreddits. I then stopped using it immediately after that, since there was very little of interest left on the site. The account still isn't banned, though.

Recently, however, I made another account; this time, exactly to post on PCM. I only made five comments before being banned. Probably for calling a homosexual, furry, 'transitioning' Canadian male, who has been married and divorced to some other homo, and is now trying to get a Russian homo into Canada, out for what he is. Maybe that isn't even the funniest part of it: the guy also literally thinks he's a wolf trapped in a human body.

One thing that I've noticed is that almost any explicitly Left-wing account belongs to some total degenerate if you scroll down far enough and piece it all together. For example: Antifa, Satanist, part-Amerindian M2F tranny. Another hilarious one was some 18-year old male who posted with a 'Left' flair on PCM, who literally was sucking off men for money because his parents would not pay for his 'transitioning'. It seems like the normies are all something like this now.

I think a lot of 'Auth Right' labelled Redditards are simply trolls who choose it because it's the least socially acceptable and most provocative of all four quadrants. After all, if one simply wanted to elicit reactions from normies, one would be better off posing as a literal Nahtzee than as a 'MAP' or anything else. 'Racism' is worse than pedophilia to these people.

A lot of it is also braindead. Four hours ago:

By a self-identified 'LibLeft'. Both the GOP and the Democrats laughably appear close to where I appear on that quiz. Democrats are bizarrely far Auth-Centre and GOP are far Auth-Right (both are literally Hitler!). Somehow has 77 upvotes despite being completely retarded.