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On what basis do you assert that there is a link between libertarians and pedophilia?

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How do you extrapolate one guy to stand for all libertarians? I am against libertarianism on principle but this is spurious reasoning. Note that the points they were making about age of consent laws were reaonably until that Jewish freak started about grandmothers in some African tribe supposedly having a custom to infant and toddler males and other revolting subject matter.

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It's not one guy, he's just the most recent example. This type of thinking is where the libertarian moral paradigm inevitably leads.

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I'm doubtful....

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I don't know whether a libertarian society would cause pedophilia, although there are libertarian pedos (usually Jews), but I know for sure that liberalism is normalizing pedophilia.

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Libertarianism is liberalism, all individualism/libertinism/liberation theology/anarchist ontology politics ultimately leads to a world full of Marquis de Sades IE Sadists.

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Libertarianism is liberalism

It's Jewish liberalism, to be precise.

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Jewish judaism

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Interesting article I came across after seeing this image, re: neocons, paleocons, Buchanan

The full article

Opening paragraph and last two paragraphs have quite the admissions. Basically that Buchanan is an American Firster and his antagonism to Jewish interests (or Jew's antagonism to him) is because of this, e.g. matters of immigration, multiculturalism, culture war, foreign trade and policy, etc. As per usual with the chosen ones, no shortage of presuppositions when it comes to the opinions of the author and his tribe.

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It's both, I think the logic of individualist ideology necessitates anyone who becomes invested in it to eventually become a Sadist though. Whereas on the other end those who are naturally anti-social don't need to be taught, they just need to find anarchism/libertarianism/liberal etc philosophy and rationalise their own feelings as being a good thing.

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There are many direct causes of increasing pedophillia in our society and yes I believe libertarianism is one of them. Devon Stack discussed this exact topic on his last stream. When you compare Anton Levy's satanic philosophy with libertarianism you find they match up perfectly.

Libertarianism is just another Jewish trick and many of its founders and promoters are Jewish.

The only libertarianism I can endorse is Hans-Hermann Hoppe's Covenant communities; i.e. communities that unite around certain sets of well established laws and rules. I don't really call it libertarianism though. It just looks like a mini version of nationalism to me.

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Devon Stack discussed this exact topic on his last stream.


This one

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Yes. After the bee update he gets into levy, libertarianism, and satanic panic in the 80's.

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K, thanks for the order

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"But what if the child consents?"

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I don't think libertarianism has any more pedophiles than anarchists, communists, committed liberals/conservatives, etc.

Most people become libertarian-minded because they hate the government and how they spend money while the country is in total wreck, so it's a natural instinct to defund them and to kick out all the crooks and cronies.

And that's where Jews like Rothbard, Von Mises and Ayn Rand come to play, bundling this completely natural but slightly misplaced instinct with all sorts of nonsense which is grossly offensive to the normal mind.