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This says about 20 million. Based on proportion, if consistent since legalization, then that seems about right.

61.3 million babies have died by abortion in the U.S.A. since 1973, 19.4 million were conceived in black American women;

This says just shy of 40% of total were black

In the District of Columbia and 29 states that reported racial and ethnic data on abortion to the CDC, 38% of all women who had abortions in 2019 were non-Hispanic Black, while 33% were non-Hispanic White, 21% were Hispanic, and 7% were of other races or ethnicities.

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Probably the most beneficial progressive court ruling America has had. Think of the problems 40M blacks cause in America and imagine an extra 20M. Those 20M would have come from the worst most dysfunctional black families too.

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Yeah, that's pretty terrifying.

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Thats one small step for the Supreme Court, and one giant leap towards Brazilification.

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If it's selectively applied, i.e. in Republican vs. Democrat areas, then it could remain eugenic and good for Whites, at least in theory.

I expect we'll be seeing sanctuary cities for abortions now.

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If that is the case, state- and district-wide laws against abortions must be discouraged.

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Here's a different take on it

Also means like 20 million less Whites.

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That doesn't prevent the complete destructiveness that 20M more blacks in America would cause.

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That could be interpreted as a pro-accelerationist argument.

Unfortunately, whites are not going to wake up without the necessary stimuli.

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How does this account for white or mexican women that were impregnated by niggers?

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That might be tougher to calculate. Don't know the answer.

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You need to parse out which ones happen in red states where abortion is or will be banned or restricted, versus blue states where abortion will remain legal.

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Republican states with a large number of blacks will turn into Brazil within 10-15 years. These boomer morons really have shot themselves in the foot this time.

Everyone knew that Roe Vs Wade was unconstitutional, but nobody outside of the Bible belt gave a shit. There was a quiet understanding (even among the sanctimonious shitlibs) that the mass abortion of blacks was necessary.

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Many are talking about banning contraceptives now which I can see actually happening in some red states if the Supreme Court allows it. Blacks won't change their sexual behavior if contraceptives are banned, it will just lead to even more unwanted pregnancies among them.

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Well, except now you have things like morning after pill. You also have spermicide, effective birth control. Not to mention there will be n underground railroad to get women to pro abortion states.

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Would likely be about half of that given blue states would still legalize abortion.

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While the Christians are undoubtedly celebrating the decision on Roe Vs Wade, race realists like us must see this as a very bad development. Legalized abortion was the only thing keeping the blacks from swamping America. Now, there is nothing left to hold them back. The nigglets will be crowding the streets just like in Brazil, Nigeria, or Kenya.

You only need a cursory understanding of R/K selection. R selected species have many offspring which are not heavily invested in, while K selected species have few offspring which are heavily invested in. Blacks are R selected, while whites and asians are K selected.

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The problem is roe v Wade created a franeworknwhereeby Scotus could do whatever it wants. Gay marriage would never have happened if Casuey overturned Roe.

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I thought that it wasn't that uncommon for a negress to have 4 children from 6 different fathers and leach off the benefits.

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This decision could help bankrupt the US. Who do you think is going to foot the bill for these pregnancies and the offspring they produce? It will be additional cost to the US government at a time it is already drowning in debt, as almost all these pregnancies will result in another addition to the welfare rolls, and that isn't an exaggeration at all.

Honestly, I dont think this decision will stand for long. The majority of Americans oppose it, and the overwhelming majority of women oppose it. It isnt politically tenable for the Republicans to survive this ruling and the Democrats will be heavily pressured to overturn it or circumvent it in some way. It will probably usher in the end of the Republicans as a viable party, which was probably why so many subversive GOP donors like Paul Singer allowed the court to be stacked with catholic pro life justices.

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The court decision is not going to get changed anytime soon. Many red states had full abortion bans ready in case of this ruling. The question is whether these red states will continue this policy in the coming years.

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Too many.

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Has anyone done the math to determine how many more black Americans would the USA have if not for Roe vs Wade?