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This video rolls a lot of the problems of America into one package. Indoctrination, obesity, exploitation, hedonism, degeneracy. I'm surprised there aren't niggers visible to top this shit sundae.

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The main target of this child drag queens/trannie story hour shit are whites. They're beginning to push LGBT stuff to blacks too but much more slowly and carefully, cause for all their defects blacks are a bit more open about their disgust to it at least.

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A couple of Niggers and a minora, its all that's missing for a full house.

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America deserves to be destroyed for its wickedness

That has been true since 1917.

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Yup. Wilson's intervention in ww1 set the Western world on this road of ruin.

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I believe you listened to martyrmade aka Daryl Cooper's podcast on this comparing how this country did Germany dirty to what it did to Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union....

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My comment was in sense that without the American intervention in ww1, Germany would not have been defeated, the kaiser would've crushed the Bolsheviks and there woudl be no worldwide communist and leftist wave. No nazism, no hitler, no ww2, no guilt.

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Agree with your point but Germany was going to lose irregardless of American intervention. Britain/France were just too big economically for Germany to beat, & they could afford to wait until the central powers collapsed through naval blockade & starvation.

It may have sped up defeat by a year or so but that’s it.

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True since 1865

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Lincoln was the good guy in the civil war. Had the south won, America would have 50 million more nogs.

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Not so sure about that... The Civil Wars was this country's own affair ..

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The civil war was wicked

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I can't remember who said it but someone said we will legalize pedophilia before we legalize bestiality because Americans care more about their pets than they do their children. May God's wrath be swift, how long must we endure this Jewish freemasonic hellscape?

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Bestiality is legal in some states. It was legal in many more until various scandals came about and people discovered there were no laws on the books, including that guy who died from getting fucked in the ass by a horse. Bestiality porn and websites are apparently not illegal, although law enforcement has been present on some of these boards to bust people.

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Trump destroyed liberal minds. Now they actively signal how much they hate whites and anything traditional they go to child drag shows.

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America for most of its existence has been on this track. This degenerate jewish hellscape dystopia is the end stop of liberalism before it transitions into the next stage, which will likely come soon. For a country founded by liberal freemasons we did okay for a couple decades, but since the mid 1800s or earlier we've been fucked.

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America was great until the 1930s. It's in the 30s that Jewish power really started to spike and they took over the reins of power after ww2 and completely sidelined the WASPs during the 60s.

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Fuck that shithole.

Hopefully it will burn to ashes this decade.