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The White race is the last obstacle between the Satanic Jew and their allies and complete world domination. They've largely cleansed the world of other threats; The Japanese are cucked and subjugated, the Chinese were split apart long ago and then forced to become Marxists (although today they resist globohomo, they still have their own interests first and foremost and are happy to help flood the West with estrogen and other poisons). The Middle East was made fractured and ineffectual, and the few bases of resistance in Africa (White colonies, Ethiopia, etc.) were smashed and made more like their neighbors, that is to say, anarchic failure states.

However at least some Whites in most countries hang on to old traditions and moral values and refuse to surrender. No matter how thoroughly cucked they make our nations there will always be a contingent of Whites, a rather large one at that, that stands up for proper, logical, natural values: that is to say, those of the Dissident Right.

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Jacob inherited it from Isaac

Only by Jewing Esau out of the blessing

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It can be stated without fear of exaggeration that no book in the present century has been the object of so many commentaries in the world press... What gives this book definite, provable worth is that it deals with a magnificent and imposing compilation of documents and sources of undeniable importance and authenticity, which demonstrates with no room for doubt the existence of a great conspiracy, which the traditional enemies of the Church have prepared against Holy Catholic Church, and against the Free World. These (enemies) are attempting to convert Catholicism into a blind instrument in the service of communism, Masonry, and Judaism, in order to weaken free humanity with it and to facilitate its ruin and, with this ruin, the definite victory of atheistic communism. The most useful instruments in this conspiracy are those Catholic clergymen who, betraying Holy Church, attempt to destroy her most loyal defenders, while at the same time they assist, in every way they can, Communists, Masons and Jews in their subversive activities. In the pages, in the arguments, and in the style of the book, is revealed the presence of Catholic clerics, in battle against the eternal heresy, which has always tended to subvert the religious, ethical, and historical bases of Catholicism, employing successively Simon the Magician, Arius, Nestor, the Albigenses, and in the present day the leftists of the Ecumenical Council.

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Interesting, thanks!

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Maurice Pinay The Plot Against the Church is a must read if you want to understand how far Jewish subversion goes.

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Maurice Pinay The Plot Against the Church is a must read if you want to understand how far Jewish subversion goes.

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Everyone here knows my opinion on Christianity.

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I honestly can't see the point in such claims. It's not going to change anything for the vast majority of the people. Christians already know that they aren't jews.

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Millions of Christians support the jewish state of Israel on religious grounds despite Christianity and history teaching us the opposite.
Millions think Jews are the chosen people of God, yet Christianity and history teaches the opposite.

The teachings of Christ is antithetical to global jewry.

This is why it matters and this is why Jews are hellbent on destroying Christians and christianity. "Whites" are just a vector for Jews to attack christianity and Jesus.

Knowing these truths also give a shared front against Jewish supremacy and jewish authority, because Jesus christ himself rejected them and opposed them.

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with all the possible respect, those are morons who doesn't know christianity 101 so you're not going to get them on board reguardless. On the other hand, christianity was his own thing for 2 millennia and no one claimed to be the actual israelites as opposed to jews. Old law, new law, old covenant, new covenant - it's pretty straightforward.

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You're wrong

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OP any good links or videos about Jesus / ancient Israelites being white or Christian Identity in general? Thanks

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Also look up old pictures of Jesus. He's white / light med. Or look at Mosaics from the area where Jesus was from. They're white or ruddy.

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This is literally B.S. First thing first he brings as a "proof" the name saxons. In his opinion, this mean "son of isaac". Then he go on and on with outlandish claims. This one actually made me laugh hard: "Greece was a white country. Why would Greek be a common language through out Palestine unless it was full of Whites?" Well, friend, let me tell you about Alexander the Great...

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Cool story bro

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Likely I’m in a minority of one in my opinion.

You don’t have a separate worlds in culture, politics that is entirely isolated from spiritual realm. What you consider Gods influence your systems, your culture, your ethics and your politics. All our institutions are an outgrowth of spiritual opinions we hold. And once someone defeats us spiritually, it is an uphill battle to keep society from falling. It is not an accident that all places of pre Abhramic European worship have prominent crosses hanging over them. It is a sign of spiritual conquest.

The Abrahamic cults are all conquering. They leave no space for your original gods… much as you might like to associate the political realities as naturally descendant from a Greco Roman history more than a Judea history, the abrahmics has taken Europe out of Europeans as much as it is taking Africa outside of Africans.

I don’t share the sympathy you people have for Christianity but I do hope you try and understand that native philosophies of Europe is not compatible with its chritianization (or Abrahamism). This does not mean you have to give up on European Christians but it does mean that you seek to increase a non abrahmic source for your spirituality instead of splitting hairs to salvage the salvation of one Jew.

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Like subversion of Christianity (even if true) is a mediocre achievement compared to the subversion of all European Gods

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That's plain untrue and dismiss the plurisecolar effort to understand the biblical religion on the basis of the Greek philosophy.

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There are efforts, yes. But none have succeeded. Like America for instance, it is in my opinion formed on the aspiration to Greece and Rome but since it remains one nation under one Jealous Abhramic God, it has had no spiritual existence beyond a limited set of possibilities.

If it was so natural for Greek philosophy to be lend it self to Judean beliefs, why was there so much conflict, humiliation, destruction of pre Abrahamic gods ?

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Because that's how Christianity works. It doesn't allow any other religion.

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Correct and that’s why any ideas of potential syncretic traditions between Greece and Judea are plain hogwash as long as Christianity does not give up its spiritual monopoly. Roman gods and Greek gods could fight but they’re people never lost their spiritual being. Christian gods will not allow any other form of spiritual being to exist

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There are two options here about your reasoning:

1) you are pushing the Jan assman thesis of the mosaic distinction. Unfortunately there are no wiki English pages to link but if that's the case you know what I'm speaking about. If that's the case I agree with you with the caveat of neoplatonism pointed by assman itself.

2) you are speaking about magic, like literal battle against gods. If that's the case I strongly disagree with you. I don't believe in magic and I think that believing in magic is literally gay and nigger, and I am going to explain why. God is the ontologic principle and that doesn't change between Aryan traditions - it is different in voodoo and other non-aryan religions. Christianity just focused on the actual principle instead that upon a variety of lesser manifestations. There are no proof about what was the ancient Aryan religion, but I maintain that it was a monotheistic one, extremely closer to nowadays Catholicism that everything else. I am stressing the absence of scientific proof in order to show bona fide, even if I would be able to bring up old studies that favour my thesis, but that are nowadays considered partial. I think anyway that polytheism is a female degradation of the autocratic and royal patriarchal primordial truth. Everything that breaks the original patriarchal unity of the Aryan truth is no different from being faggot, trans and mixed raced on a spiritual level, which means a corruption of the virile and warrior ideal, characterized by a solar incorrupt unity - as in the name Jupiter or Sol Invictus, the most high male God of the Sky. It may be the Aryan Sky Father, it may be the Catholic God (which is also called Sky Father), but there must be a single male father God at the top of the spiritual hierarchy. Everything else is non-aryan.

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Jew commited deicide! Israel is Christ.