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Using the purely biological(vertical) concept of race and seeking to form a "pure" nation based on it is retarded. This is especially true for a country like America. Europe should be more purest in dealing with this issue but even there it doesn't need to be pathological form of racial "purity".

America needs to form a nation and I have no interest in expelling millions of good men/women from this country who are racially superior(horizontally/spiritually) than a significant portion of whites in the country.

I support expelling all the trash from America regardless of race, which will raise the percentage of whites but it will not be a "pure" nation.

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It seems to me that you are using Yockey's terminology here, but I am fairly certain that he was still an ethnonationalist.

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He was Pan-Europeanist but it is clear he considered certain non-Aryan individuals integratable.

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The only mention of integration I can remember were examples he gave of French and Slavic immigrants successfully merging with the German community in Prussia.

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it is clear he considered certain non-Aryan individuals integratable

What are you basing that on? I've read everything that is available of his and I don't know how you got this impression, he only considered a small amount of slavs as capable of joining Europe let alone total foreigners who have no proximity and exposure to Europe. He was more 'strict' than most pro-white people.

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“It is the numbers that create these racial questions. If a tiny group is involved, it will disappear; if a group of significant numbers is present, separated by a Cultural barrier from the surrounding population, it will not.”

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I looked up this quote and it seems to me that Yockey is describing a specific, factual dynamic, rather than prescribing a political platform of deliberately integrating different groups.

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Well said.

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Obviously certain non whites would get citizenship. There's no way we're going to decouple from the failed multicultural american experience with out a certain percentage of mixed race pro european pro white people joining. These edge cases are only a threat to the race when Jews are in power and use them as weapons against whites. In a proper white ethnostate Jews would not be in power.

Purity spiraling is retarded and used as a divisive discussion prompt. Of course I'm sure you're not doing that right? Did you have any other questions for DAR? Also please engage in threads you make don't just post and ghost. If you do that's a rule 4 violation.

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Why? There's already continents for each race.

Africa for Blacks.

Asia for Asians.

South America for Mulattos & Indians.

This is the litmus test for nationalism. If you really believe in separation, you would go your own way without being asked.

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Quit replying to your own alt accounts.

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    I rather the Kurds live with people who are genetically similar to them, then have them transplanted and live somewhere that's even more foreign.

    Especially as they have been doing that for centuries (i.e Kurds lived under Saddam or the Ottomans).

    America was founded as an Anglo-Saxon country, despite being surrounded by Indians & African slaves. The founders were clear that multiculturalism was never part of the original blueprint, and we see the consequences of relaxing those racial requirements.

    Abe Lincoln also had the same idea. He still didn't want to live with the Blacks he had just saved, he wanted them to go back to Africa or to Central America instead.

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    If a White girl was married to a Jewish guy, that would already be enough of a problem. Is hanging out with Nick supposed to be a point in her favor?

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    There are some Jews who are largely of white Euorpean ancestry, whose forebears were simply assimilated into the Jewish bloodcult. See eg Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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    Yeah, what's Jewish about The Deuce and Brokeback Mountain.

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    Im speaking of her lineage...

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    How is she even dissident 💀