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You can tell how gay the US is when the left is shrieking that Orban is Hitler, and the right is going out of their way to make excuse for the milquetoast things he said "we don't want mixed race kids".

Hate this gay country.

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Not sure about Hungary, but most players in the European traditionalist movements are quite aware of the JQ. However, any mention of it is political and social suicide, so generally this move is a necessity.

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Watch his interview with Tucker. He spent the entire time yelling about how he is a proud Zionist fighting against Nazis.

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Orban has been involved with GOP/CPAC stuff for many years. He's practical in his diplomacy (or if you prefer, opportunistic) and has always been "pro Jewish". Personally I don't care much since he actually seems interested in implementing border protection and demographic health which is what really matters.

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I can't think of a single more important thing than addressing the jewish question.

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It's amazing how many people, even in the so called alt right, fail to understand this.

You can treat the symptoms all you want, but you will keep getting sick and possibly die unless you treat the disease that's causing them.

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People here misunderstand Orban. The only reason he appears ‘based’ is because of the constant pressure put on him by actual, genuine Nationalist opposition parties.

Thanks to these groups, the Overton window in Hungary is far to the right of other western countries, so Orban has to pander to the public with a few half hearted Nationalist policies - just like Trump or Boris Johnson. Orban is no different, he’s a Zionist stooge In Fascistic clothing

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Pretty sure that 'Our Homeland' is the only party Rightward of Fidesz, given that Jobbik is nowadays to their Left. I'm not sure about the KDNP—it's probably a Fidesz satellite party at this point—although I suppose that in the unlikely situation that they have any autonomy left, they could threaten to withdraw support for Orban/Fidesz if he moved Leftward.

Thus I doubt Fidesz even receives any serious pressure from the Right, since all of the parties allied with Jobbik last election were explicitly liberal and/or social democratic.

When Orban was Prime Minister for a few years in the 1990s or early 2000s he was literally a pro-West libtard, exactly the same as Putin. Both men only 'changed' to what they now are as they aged.

Like practically everywhere, things are still shifting Leftward. If anything, Orban already has a total monopoly on the Right and so doesn't really benefit from throwing further bones in that direction. This is why our Hungarian analogues really needs to get behind 'Our Homeland'—only a threat from further Right can stop Orban from instead focusing on trying to increase his support among those who vote for Jobbik, M and DK (which are trying to position themselves as mainstream liberal parties) or MSZP (established mainstream Left/globalist/social democratic party), as would make the most sense to him in the absence of such a threat.

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Orban is one of the most fervent pro-Israel European leaders. So both sides of the scene serve the same purposes.