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The big problem with climate change is that the anti-White left is fundamentally incapable of addressing it.

All global warming models are based on predictions of explosive population growth in African nations ultimately migrating into Western nations, and adopting Western habits of consumption.

To meaningfully lower the environmental footprint of humanity, we must stop Africans from having so many children, but any attempt to do this on the left will be treated as tantamount to genocide. Paradoxically, policies that reduce African birthrates to rates above White birthrates will be treated as African genocide, even though the lower White birthrates will not.

The fate of the planet is in the hands of right-leaning, racially-aware thinkers, because they are the only ones capable of choosing the planet over fears of being called racist. It's Eco-fascism or bust.

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It's not only necessary to "flatten the curve" of African population, a single white person (or more precisely, its way of life) is far worse for the environment than the whole African village. Deindustrialization is an absolute necessity, although it's also a wishful thinking.

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a single white person (or more precisely, its way of life) is far worse for the environment than the whole African village

Anti white thinking

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Not at all, acknowledging your own faults is not anti-you, it's for your own better.

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When we get back into power and have Whitened our Nations, then we can start acknowledging our own faults for the betterment of every race on earth, however while we are getting still genocided, I will keep pointing out anti white speak.

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You're just digging the hole deeper that way.

Also you're gonna get disappointed when your fellow whites jew you because you have very unrealistic picture of how humans work.

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I don't think deindustrialisation is possible or even desirable. It would be much better to develop cleaner technologies instead.

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Weren't you against industrialization?

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Historically speaking industrialisation was harmful to society, culture and politics, but I don't think dismantling industrial society is practical or desirable today. In order to achieve full deindustrialisation, a powerful world government would be necessary - at which point it would be just as easy and much more beneficial to stringently regulate technology instead. Without a world government, deindustrialisation will only lead to domination by foreign powers. At the domestic level there would also be a massive drop in living standards which would be very unpalatable to most people. Not to mention that a sudden and complete deindustrialisation would necessarily involve a massive, uncontrolled drop in the world population, to put it mildly.

I think an advanced technological society with strict controls and good environmental policies would be the best option, if that can be achieved.

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Without a world government, deindustrialisation will only lead to domination by foreign powers

This is exactly why I said deindustrialization is a wishful thinking.

Anyways I still believe it can be done gradually and without the world government, but also it can be done only after a whole bunch of other stuff is done, so I'd agree regulations and policies are a way to go for now.

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It might be possible to deindustrialise gradually, but it is hard to tell. Currently, the world economy depends on infinite growth for its existence. Stagnation threatens it, and contraction threatens it even more. Attempting a gradual deindustrialisation might still trigger an enormous crisis that could collapse the whole system immediately. Moreover, major crises that do not lead to complete economic collapse would still certainly lead to massive political backlash to deindustrialisation.

This might sound utopian, but I think the best option is a mix of reasonable government and even more technology. If we can create an AI-run, high tech, post-scarcity system designed to cater for a small world population, then we would have made a sustainable paradise. I think this is a more appealing vision than subsistence farming. The problem with this is that it would still require a world government, as well as incredible political discipline and skill, and also technical competence.

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Collapse is far more likely than a post-scarcity utopia.

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It is. This issue is also a political question though. What would be a good solution to the present crisis? I can't think of anything besides an illiberal world government.

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illiberal world government

I don't see that happening.

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I couldn't agree more.

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    The debate more revolves around the degree to which mankind have accelerated the natural phenomenon that is “climate change” and how severe the effects will be.

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    The data in Denmark suggests 2 things:
    1) It's getting hotter AND less extreme / less variation during the months.
    2) It's not getting hotter and the variance is the same as always, BUT they are cutting off colder data points on purpose, fiddling the numbers.

    Both can also be true at the same time.

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    Do you think it's never been 50 degrees Celsius in Iraq in the past?

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    You are wrong actually, Ethnocrat.

    Even if climate change is real, the solutions are fake and gay and anti white.

    And even if climate change is real, you will barely feel the difference, because we are talking 1 degree celsius increase in the next 50-100 years.

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    I also can't figure out why it really matters. As a long-time private 'black piller' who doesn't actually think that most late-modern processes are actually reversible, and certainly not enough to sustain civilization, I couldn't give a rat's ass about what happens to an exceedingly larger population of this planet. In fact, if enough of us could safely get to other planets I wouldn't care at all: just bring enough animals that don't deserve to go extinct and things that don't deserve to be destroyed. This way, the worthy things of the Earth may be preserved whilst the greater number of unworthy things—like every last copy of that homo-negro Lil Nas X's 'music' albums; or every last video of the morbidly obese 'Ukrainian' (I honestly thought he was Hispanic for a while) homosexual Nikocado Avocado gluttonously pigging away at mounds of junk food—can be submerged, hopefully never to be found again.

    My view? Get the popcorn ready and sit back. This is either one of the biggest lies in all of human history or there will be mass death and destruction unlike anything we've ever seen. Climate change, it is assumed, gives some people too much water (e.g. Indonesia, Bangladesh), or too little (e.g. Egypt).

    I wonder if the global population will even reach 10,000,000,000 given how rapidly population growth seems to be slowing. After all, the birth rate declines around the world keep exceeding what they think will happen. But if it reaches 11,200,000,000 in 2100 as the UN still believe it will, and we assume that climate change is what it's drummed up to be, those numbers will plummet fast.

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    1.5 degree celsius is the global average, that means somewhere it will be 5 degree increase, somewhere will be 1 degree increase.

    And not to mention how much 1 degree can mean in the ecosystem anyways, droughts are the perfect example, but there are also reduction of rainforests, radical changes in biomes, increased acidity of oceans, species going extinct or invading other autochthonous species, etc., etc.

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    I was going to reply, because you're wrong and I wrote a lengthy answer, but then I reread your first sentence, where you call me a retard. You deserve exactly zero replies, leftist.

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    Sorry for calling you a retard, it's both an overreaction and me just using the word casually, like I'll call my best friends retards and shit, don't take it to heart too much.

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      Sure, that might be, but the framing was off

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      I couldn't care less about climate change. Worst scenario, we'll enjoy farming in the Siberian Aryan motherland

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      Do you think Russia will let everyone live on their Siberian farmland? Think again.

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      They're making ads to get European settlers so it's likely yes

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      [–]Rakean93Identitarian socialist 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children) At first I thought it was ironic, but our media says it's legit and from the Russian embassy

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      The planet is in fact doomed. Only last hope for humanity is to buy a space ticket and colonize Mars.

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      Yes, the highs have been getting higher. But also, interestingly, the lows have been getting lower.

      There is global warming because we just came out of an ice age. Well, "just" in geological terms of course. And the Sun is having interesting effects on ALL PLANETS of the solar system.

      Attempting to rationalize your oligarch-sponsored inner sense of guilt by believing humans are responsible for this is not helping anybody.

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      Attempting to rationalize your oligarch-sponsored inner sense of guilt by believing humans are responsible for this is not helping anybody.

      Just stop.

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      Too much truth and reality for you?

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      Seasonal heat spikes have always existed. The weather is always changing. CO2 acts as a greenhouse gas but also performs global dimming.

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      Climate change. Maybe real?

      Man made climate change. Most likely a psyop to distract from other forms of environmental destruction (ocean pollution, river polution, industrial agriculture, strip mining, etc).

      Climate change will cause major population loss/chaos? Also probably a psyop. How do I know? Look who's pushing it. Also look at the cyclical nature of climate over thousands of years. Sure you might not be able to farm corn in Iowa but that just means you will have more farming opportunities in Canada. Humans will adapt to natural climate change as they always have. If man made climate change were real and happening quickly the hedge fund class would have divested from seaside villas.

      If you want to get more schizo with it I'm fairly confident that the climate change activism is also meant to distract from people looking into catastrophism. (the idea that the sun going mini nova or currents from the solar system cause major life ending events (like floods, pole flip, etc) every 10-12 thousand years).

      In general you always know something is horseshit if the 'solutions' are always heavily marketed by Jewish media and in line with anti white globalists agenda items.

      Ethnocrat, as always you strike me as a person that has a strong strong aversion to thinking the american right wing Alex Jones watching type people can be right about anything. It's like a brain tumor you have. You need to let go of that elitist urbanist sophisticated European thing and realize that your 'sophisticated' educational and media apparatus has been captured. There's nothing wrong with trusting academia, science, and journalism IF those structures are run by white men with a since of ethnic pride, nationalism, logic, and meritocracy. Unfortunately they are run by Jews that have an eternal blood feud with people like you and me.