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That the cops were kneeling suggests that it's something else. It is about unleashing Black violence on the population. It is about the sadism of the ruling class. It is about engineering an atmosphere of fear, alienation, and humiliation.

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I personally initially sided against cops, saying that George Floyd was murdered, and after new footage and stories came to light, and especially after the most despicable riots I ever witnessed where hords of anti-whites and niggers terrorized normal people, I took pro-Chauvin but still anti-cop position because cop unions didn't support their colleague who rightfully did his job and they were kneeling with terrorizers instead.

The result is that everyone is either anti-White and anti-cop

No one is anti-white and anti-cop. Just look at whenever some cop kills a white person, every anti-white will immediately write "shouldn't have resisted". There are multiple sorts of cops as well, why would anyone treat SPLC journalist any different than a cop, especially since they come uninvited to non-bootlicker people's properties, harass them, look for incriminating stuff they can use to imprison them, planting stuff on them, etc., etc.

In fact, I hate local police officers the least when you factor in who else is a cop, bootlickers hate cops only when they're doing their job properly (which is rare).

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No one is anti-white and anti-cop. Just look at whenever some cop kills a white person, every anti-white will immediately write "shouldn't have resisted".

Yeah YouTube and social media are filled with videos of cops using excessive force or outright brutality against "Karens" or Whites in general and anti-White normies and leftists cheer them on and celebrate the use of force against the "pesky disobedient rednecks". Once you understand that the only consistent position the left has is being anti-White, and all of their supposed principles change situationally depending on whether that position is served or not, all of these paradoxes and contradictions in how they behave make sense.

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That's exactly it, all mainstream right-wing and left-wing political movements and positions are manufactured or manipulated by the elites to keep the dialogue controlled and prevent genuine pro-White and dissident right movements from emerging. You set up the left as anti-capitalism/pro-socialism and the right as neocon pro-capitalism so that some kind of fusion national socialist position becomes unthinkable and right-wingers waste their time and mental resources classifying anything done by the state as "muh socialism" (which could include pro-White policies). This also makes the idea of being "socially right-wing, economically left-wing" unthinkable, cause the only ideology people associate with that is national socialism.

Same for guns: you set up the left as militantly anti-gun and the right as completely pro-gun with no restrictions so that anyone who proposes the Swiss model for example is seen as right-wing by leftists and leftist by right-wingers. Same with environmentalism, they make it as leftist and anti-White as possible so that right-wingers feel the instinctive urge to be opposed to it instead of coming up with based pro-environment positions (ecofascism for example). It also serves the purpose of preventing people from realizing that true solutions to the environmental and climate crisis involve right-wing solutions (reducing immigration, reducing globalization, encouraging local economies instead of multi-national corporations, reducing the birthrates of third-worlders, etc.). And so on.

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To me it seems BLM riots were just an extension of the economic reset they are working towards. Blacks helped Jews speed up their destruction of the declining brick and mortar economy. It also created tons of law suits and legal actions. The legal industry is the lifeblood of the Jew and the more litigious any country gets the wealthier and more powerful the Jew gets. Large business got to write off the destruction and small business got destroyed.

BLM riots were a cover for inflation and other major problems in society. The people that control us constantly need attention grabbing news stories to distract from the REAL systematic dismantling of the country.

As far as police reform it seems like the goal of BLM was really just destruction of small police forces (that might still be implicitly pro white) in favor of nationalized police forces. That's been a goal of these globallists for decades. Local police forces could potentially turn and support pro white pro nationalist third parties. We saw a glimpse of this when local canadian police forces allowed the trucker protest to peacefully roll towards the capital. Globbalist Jews hate that shit. That want total top down control.

Civil war anon on pol was right. If the big one does kick off it will probably come when a state or a large implicitly pro white MAGA county tells the feds to fuck off and the feds actually do something about it. That's going to be fun to watch.

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This is a good point. I've thought about it a lot. In Denmark the state will financially support people who is getting into legal problems. This has the same impact as allowing loans for houses (the price increases).
Say you have an average family that can afford 100 dollars an hour for a lawyer. The average lawyer will then only be able to charge 100 dollars an hour. When the state supports the average family with 75% of the cost, the average family can now afford 400 dollars an hour for a lawyer. The average lawyer will then be able to charge 4x the price which will eventually be the new economical nash equilibrium.

The danish state also financially supports journalism. The same principle applies.

Where do you find jews?

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The Soviet Union was White and anti-capitalist. That is not a society that I would choose to live in.

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A lot of leftists like to go on about how cops are often involved in fash/KKK activity though. Is this by any measure true?

Basically, "The same ones who work forces, are the same ones who burn crosses".