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The idea that a state is a social construct that you do not have to even acknowledge the existance of.

Do you care that bees think an area is theirs? That the ants have rules and laws that must be abided by?

While their society rots, you can start your own nation, within theirs or outside of theirs, or while ignoring theirs. A parallel nation or a nation within a nation.
Once you adopt this view, you can ignore the opinion of others entirely. The only thing that matters becomes making babies to populate your society.

Do you have to abide by their laws? No, you do not. You are free to move as you will in the area controlled by the bees, but they might sting if you do.
Likewise you can do as you please but there might be consequences. This is mutual however, as if they inflict damage upon your nation you are morally justified in defending yourself and inflicing damage on theirs.

This is basically the view of the muslims in Denmark. They are a cancer that grows in our society, but dissidents can learn from their ways.

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Yep. Buy land, vet and invite people, build a community.

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Biden has plans in place to build high density affordable housing in suburban neighborhoods despite the objections of the inhabitants. If the settlement was very rural they might escape this.
Remember Ruby Ridge, though. They were in the middle of nowhere and the feds still came after them.

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This is it. Join/start communities and businesses. Stay clandestine. Fund political movements when the need arises.

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To start and join communities takes other like-minded people and commitment, and both are not easy to find.

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The fact that almost everyone prefers living in a homogeneous area. Even most liberals are closet white nationalists when it comes down to it.

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The US is more segregated today than 40 years ago. Tribalism is part of human nature, liberal whites can only lie to themselves.

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Various racial groups simply prefer to live in their own neighbourhoods surrounded by their own people.

White liberals in particular say that they love diversity but in reality love to live surrounded by other white people.

It's brainwashing versus their natural instinct to live in safety surrounded by their own.

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Public life vs. private life

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Nothing. Thanks to most people looking for their convenience and white women having been corrupted beyond redemption, it will take something like a miracle to get better.

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Nothing. I think we are fucked.

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I don't consider myself an accelerationist/collapse enjoyer or whatever but I do truly think this neoliberal, multicultural, anti-white system simply cannot sustain itself. It won't happen overnight but it will collapse, and that gives me hope.

I personally would prefer we replace the system before a collapse but regardless knowing this gives me hope for the future in the long term