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Well one thing is for sure.

He's Jewish.

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Jews will always be Jewish first. Lot of hand rubbing in that video. His rationalist atheist shtick is misleading cosplay.

Secularization has near-totally fractured White communities from having a religious bond. "But you don't need churches to get together" and yet most people don't or they end up worshipping materalistic capeshit nonsense.

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He is half Jewish and doesn't care about being Jewish nor even identify as Jewish. The right wing mythology about Jews causes this constant retarded analysis about any individual with a Jewish parent. A person who has Jewish heritage can have liberal or leftist views without it being part of some Jewish tribalist agenda to destroy Western civilization.

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Only a Jew can say that he wouldn't care if there were videos of children in the basement on this laptop.

I also don't give a shit about Hunter Biden's laptop, it seems like some contard fad, but this is extremely unsettling hypothetical he has brought up.

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I click on the full video

Sam Harris: “Your capacity to be offended is not something anyone need or should respect.”

I instantly burst out laughing at the premise having a Jewish parent doesn’t matter, when who your mother is probably one of the top three most important nature and nurture factor in who you become.

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You honestly think his Jewish parent has nothing to do with his political views?

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No. There are thousands of non Jewish intellectuals far worse than Sam Harris who openly criticized the bullshit propaganda from BLM and gave statistics on his podcast showing that blacks are not singled out for violence by police.

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full interview. clip is from 36 minute mark