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Probably a targeted hit on that company for reasons we’ll never hear, executed by some special interest group to create a “discussion.” It will be used to justify some legislation they already have in mind down the road.

Some of the most draconian anti-discrimination rules in America surround housing because it was the first battleground after integration. People miss, for example, that one of the reasons David Lane was angry was his realtor license was revoked. There have been many attempts to harass Sam Dickson and others related to real estate investment. Several housing related professions, including realtors, have rules that your licenses can be revoked simply for stating the wrong views or joining the wrong group.

Do I believe them? Not for a damn minute. The scenario is too specific - black home owners, white stand in, perfectly executing the switch without people knowing - to not have been manipulated in some way.

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Although most are falling down the shitlib path, I can guarantee most European people are grateful in some way to their ancestors (or ancestor elites) for not importing a slave population. World probably would have been better in every way if the slave trade never occured.

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Someone on twitter pointed out that prices of real estates went up between the time period when they made the house "whitewashed". It's just a dumb click bait article to push more racism narrative.

If this effect existed in the real world you could just buy black owned house and then resell it for 300K higher price. People would make millions out of this if it was possible.