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If you ever see a study or news article with the headline, "It now costs X to raise a child" you can bet your bottom shekel that was written by a Jew and targeted at getting whites to have smaller families or no families.

The reality is that having a family probably increases your net worth over the long term and provides a safety net that can't be taken away because you were a bad goy. Not to mention reproducing and throwing your genetics into the next generation are not commodities. Sorry Jews.

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Yeah this is what I thought as well. People without children don't seem richer at all as well.

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Correlation isn't causation.

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Correlation isn't spurious correlation

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The reality is that having a family probably increases your net worth over the long term and provides a safety net that can't be taken away because you were a bad goy.

Take into the account the rising cost of living. In particular, housing.

If you raise a kid to 18, chances are, they're still actually going to live with you as opposed to move out and buy a house of their own. More than half of young adults still live with their parents.,of%202.6%20million%20from%20February.

And of course, if you're raising a kid, who is going to watch over them? The Mom or Dad is going to have to sacrifice their job so they can stay home and raise them. Which was fine in the 1950s, but losing half a revenue stream today is close to suicide.

What we're witnessing now is decades of neglect. As I was talking to disidentHR earlier today, we don't just ignore these problems that our great grandparents never had to contend with when they wanted to settle down and start a family. At some point it was going to reach critical mass when the money printer has been running on full blast but every President/Politician would rather kick the can down the road hoping the next guy deals with it (spoiler: they didn't).

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or radicalcentrist

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Jew and radicalfag are the same thing.

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I agree.

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Its awfully nice of the mods to allow this trolls continuous opposition research. We are all contributing to refining his reddit and other online shilling. It's starting to make me suspicious that he's been allowed to do this for so long when everyone but apparently the mods know something clearly isnt right with this guy.

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There is not much we can do about him. If we ban him he will just reappear with a new name and personality. Look how dedicated he is. The most active user here is a known shill who has been at it for about a year. It might be best to keep his username active so we can at least track him.