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The spokesperson for Powell’s Books wrote in a follow-up email that Antelope Hill Publishing has sold only one book through its store in the years since its titles/the publishing company appeared online.

“I would also like to share that in a review of our records, these books have virtually no sales through We have sold one title in the Antelope collection,” Powell’s wrote to Hatewatch.

Just amazing how quickly these retailers will sell out their customer base to appease Jewish pressure groups. I wonder how far they would go, if they would give a list of zipcodes of purchasers if asked, or even full names and addresses. Certainly, we're not far from it.

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Jews are first and foremost economic terrorists. These businesses all know that they will be bankrupted if they piss off the tribe. So it's cuck out or see your life's work go down the drain.

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I have noticed things like this before.

Anything they feel is particularly threatening, they won't even mention.

E.g. whenever they talk about Mike Enoch or Eric Striker, they'll mention they were at Charlottesville, but will never mention NJP.

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Vincent Cucchiara, 24, Sarah Elizabeth Cucchiara (née Nahrgang), 25, and Dmitri Anatolievich Loutsik, 25, run the publishing company Antelope Hill

Very young and yet they've already accomplished great things in jewmerica. I'm very proud about our guys.

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With every article these useless stalking wastes of air produce, the Day of the Brick is drawing nearer and nearer.

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Some will make the argument that a book such as "You Gentiles" is cherry-picked and is not a belief held widely at all.

As for the rest of the article...

While I know that most of the criticisms are ad-hominem, the two SPLC writers do seek to debunk some of the claims made by Antelope Hill's inner circle. For The Transgender Industral Complex, they point out a study explaining how heterosexuals and family members are more likely to engage in child sex abuse.

Andy Ngo's book, Unmasked, is referenced as a misleading account of anti-fascists.

This document also claims that one of Antelope Hill's translations was of "screamingly poor" quality. This wis why I believe listening to criticisms like these from the other side helps with PR.

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I fact-checked claim of this review. I happen to know that the translator, C.J. Miller, is fluent in German, and even in this book he doesn't say he doesn't know German very well, neither in foreword nor anywhere else in the book.

This is a fake, completely made up review written by some SPLC lackey. Kike pieces of shit being kike pieces of shit as usual.

Somebody with Amazon account should point this out, if you can reply to the reviews.

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Well that is a shocker. What if someone goes on Twitter and points them out on this. Not on Amazon, since that book has now been taken down.

Them fixing those errors, however, wouldn't be too bad of a move either since they're still implied to have made spelling and grammatical errors.

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The book is still on Amazon.

You Gentiles (English Edition)

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The poor translation is actually referring to Carl Schmitt's "The Concept of the Political", that was taken down due to a copyright dispute.

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Revilo P. Oliver was Right.

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How does 'You Gentiles' stack up compared to 'Germany Must Perish' by some zhid named 'Kaufman'?

I think both of those books should be mandatory reading in schools. There's probably no better way to raise commonsense in-group preference than simply reminding people of how much they're hated by degen scum like this.

All zhid books should be destroyed except these ones, which need to be available in ubiquity. This so that when the time comes that people feel sorry for the 'persecution' of the zhids (as always happens, thus allowing them to re-enter the places from which they were prior expelled), at least we will have these authentic zhid works with which to remind future generations of their ignorance.