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It has been a while since I last visited saidit and this sub. Hope you folks are doing well. Coming to the post, I just can't thank netflix enough for this. They have just created content that we can use as propaganda. What kind of films would we make? I'd say three - one where we remind our folks of our history, traditions, heritage and culture, the second where we remind out folks of the heroes of the past and third where we make our folks understand that most of the immigrants are Invaders and this fits right into this category.

Let's be real, should anything like this happen (which I believe it will in near future), the army and nationalists crush them. Europeans will become extremely pro white(a good portion of Europeans are there already). Nationalism will grow extremely popular (again, it is popular and will grow anyway). This will cause mass deportation of non Europeans and by non Europeans I mean by blood, not by citizenship. You all know where this is heading.

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According to what I found it's some brownies rioting in their ghetto because the police killed one of the protagonists little brother.

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Now go hug Ukraine jew