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My longest held friendship is with an ashkenazi Jew. We drifted apart in adulthood though because of living in different areas and politics radically diverging. We still have a bourbon or hit up a German food Restaurant when he or I are traveling in the same area. His family is the perfect example of high IQ high career status individuals that don't really know they are 'subverting' but all hold very very similar anti white modern rabid liberal viewpoints. I also have several black and Hispanic friends.

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I don't understand, why do you have "friends" that hate you and want your kind to be exterminated?

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It's a fair question.

They're childhood friends. I knew him before he had a terminal case of liberalism and since I'm a third positionist and not a conservative I can still talk to liberals about things. My friend and I avoid politics during discussions now.

I don't seek out Liberals and jews for friends anymore for that exact reason. Most Jews don't know that they align politically with the same people that explicitly want to genocide us. They believe the manufactured victimhood narratives like the holocaust. Big Jews take advantage of small jews and whites alike.

Blacks and Hispanics in most cases don't know they are voting for white genocide. Blacks are just looking for gibs and Hispanics are mixed politically like whites. I find it easier to redpill blacks and Hispanics than whites.

Last but not least I'm a former liberal and still work with lots of liberals because of my career so it's damn near impossible for me to avoid Jews, liberals and POC. I have to put on a front about 90% of my time. Moving to a rural area has helped this but I still commute into the city for work and thus must put on a show daily for my shekels.

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I'm curious what this friends views are on Israel and mass immigration in the US. Also curious whether he married a Jewish girl. There are subtle things you can use to gauge whether someone just happens to be raised Jewish or have Jewish ancestry, or whether they are card carrying Jews. From my experience many of them become more Jewish the older they get, probably in part because of the career and social benefits they can tap into from being active Jews.

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I haven't really talked to him about Israel. His mother is somewhat critical of Israel. As far as immigration I sent him an article years ago about democrats importing voters and he just said the data wasn't accurate and he essentially expressed the nation of immigrants argument. I didn't really feel like arguing with him about it at the time but if we hang out again I probably will broach these topics with him.

Also curious whether he married a Jewish girl.

He did. His wife is also even more liberal than he is.

From my experience many of them become more Jewish the older they get, probably in part because of the career and social benefits they can tap into from being active Jews

I'm seeing this as well. When my friend was young his family wanted him to 'blend' in. Now they are totally fine that he's staunchly liberal. He does have the capacity to reason and play with logic during conversations but he has this weird conversational style where he just acts like anyone that disagrees with him is just stupid and doesn't read enough and doesn't know as much as him ( a little like Sam Harris). He really didn't have this before college. He was very balanced. I'm not sure what really triggered this new identity but I suspicion it has a lot to do with becoming an urban hipster and hanging out with a lot of people that echo themselves into more and more radical views.

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Have you ever worked with Middle Easterners? If so, what was that like?

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Have you ever worked with Middle Easterners?

Some? Not many. Those I have worked with seem pretty conservative and distrustful of american culture. Which at this juncture is a healthy impulse.

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I used to live next to a synagogue, and my experience of Jews then was one of stereotypical entitlement. They would come out and shoo away people who parked on the street in front of their synagogue because, well... just because.

It started when I first moved into a new apartment. There was only on-street parking, and so I parked at an open space in front of the synagogue, and one of the staff members there came out and told me I couldn't park there. I apologized, thinking I was in the wrong and moved to park several blocks away and walk home.

But over time, I came to realize that the street in front of their synagogue was just an ordinary street, and they had simply appropriated the spaces in front for themselves.

From their perspective, they did feel like those spaces were important to them. I think they justified it to themselves by saying that they had older members who couldn't walk as far when they were coming to and from Shabbat services. They might say to themselves that they were performing a mitzvah by keeping those spaces open.

But they policed those spaces every day of the week, and most of the time, it was just staff members parking there. And again: these weren't permitted spaces. Just regular on-street parking. But if you parked there, chances were good that in less than a minute, someone would come out and ask you not to park there. (Or tell you not to.)

This is a pretty stereotypically Jewish story, almost laughably so. Because even when I tell it, I feel kind of like a jerk. "Are you so important that you have to make some old man park many blocks away?" No, I'm not that important.

But in the end, they're the ones monopolizing the public space and I'm the villain if I don't want to walk four blocks home with my groceries. How did that happen? Pretty much the same way Whites have been convinced to hate themselves, and to believe that Whiteness is evil, even though America has been the most prosperous and kind land Jewish people have ever resided in.

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I’ve unfortunately had enough Jewish friends to feel real pain about the way the world is. In my mid-20s I was burnt out on years of doing an ethnic leaning but still basically civic nationalist thing and decided to “broaden my horizons.” I moved to a major metro and lived in a fairly Jewish area. I even knew a fair amount of Orthodox Jews, rare in my native area.

Unfortunately, I got burned badly on a lot of these situations and had to learn things the hard way. I’d already known people who were into things like K Mac - but I wrote them off. I genuinely thought what Derbyshire called “the Jew thing” was a distraction from good dissident politics.

I don’t need to rehash details but a lot of things happened. Bad business dealings. Relationships where I genuinely helped people and then they were totally transactional with me (“I know we’re friends but what have you done for me lately?”) Attempts to flip on me with politically correct standards I knew they didn’t believe in themselves (“based Shapiro Jews” who were based when it served them but then tried to use the same things against me. LPT: Trust that the least.) It was a lot of very cowardly, messed up things.

I probably wouldn’t let my guard down again but I also wouldn’t with a lot of types of people. In this decadent society, a good majority of people are just shit anyways. I’m very cautious about who I let in.

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      The shitpost warning needs to be placed in front of literally every radicalcentrist or salos alt post. The sub has been blanketed by saloish posts recently. Like weeds, if you dont tend to them they flourish and take over. Even nasser, a known salos alt, has been posting a lot lately with the same usual digging for reaction posts, with radicalcentrist and the other troll alts chiming in down in the comments.

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      That's like 70% of the activity of this board at this point

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      Define "Saloish"

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      Emily Ratajkowski is my personal sex slave. Does that count?

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      If known a few. Shitty people

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      Only one but his family converted to Catholicism during the early days of fascism and they are still Catholics. I generally met just a few Jews in all my life and have mixed feelings. A Jew professor in my university who was extremely based despite being Jew, extremely anti immigration and anti feminism. And a couple of literal bugmen of french-italian Jews that I intensely hated.

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      I have had three friends in school who are jews. I have also had some colleagues who are jewish. While I have had minor friendships with jews I can't say I have had any close friends who are jews.

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      I avoid them except when I cant

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      Had a good amount in hs just because of the sheer amount there but never kept in contact after getting out. Only a couple in college but was never close to any of them. Don't think I'd get along with them if I tried these days ngl

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      I used to occasionally talk to a couple Jews as a kid. In High School the claws came out and they began acting very jewey but luckily by then I'd grown apart (far apart) from them and didn't really talk to them. Luckily that's basically it for my experiences with them.

      The only other prominent one I can think of (that I knew of anyway) was this chubby, fugly one that hung out with some psycho chick that hated me for some reason, but I never talked to either of them.

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      Young Jews are very different than most of the middle aged and Boomer Jews. I dated a Jewish girl whose parents and grandparents were all disapproving. Her friends and she were completely Americanized and thought religion was bullshit. You’d not know she was Jewish if she didn’t say.