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Based Poland fleecing Goymoney as well.

I hope the gas shortage completely sends Germany to the stone age and crashes all their industries. Only then MIGHT they awake from their slumber.

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Isn't reparations how we got Hitler the first time?

Poland going straight for acceleration with Hitler 2.0.

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I was surprised to see even normie Germans bashing Poland for this. It is rare for Germans to stand up for themselves.

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I don't find it surprising precisely because it is Poland.

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The whole restriction on racist and nationalist rhetoric in the West is very arbitrarily enforced. If you have the permission of the ruling class, you can be as racist or jingoist as you want. Take America as an example - racism is the main political issue there. Nevertheless, when it comes to the Iranians, the Chinese and the Russians, you can be as jingoistic and racist as you want, because they are geopolitical enemies. The ruling class benefits from this type of petty, meaningless jingoism, and it serves as a convenient pressure release valve for the ethic frustration of Americans, too.

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Weird that Poland wants reparations. Poland is pro-EU and pro-NATO. Doesn't this hurt their relations with Germany?

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Doesn't this hurt their relations with Germany?

I dont think the Poles or anyone cares. Germans are now seen as such self hating defeated cucks there really isnt seen as any downside to pissing them off. Jews endlessly extort and subvert Germans and they never do anything but cave in, and other groups have noticed. You cant really blame the Germans. They have had Jewish power going after them continually and suppressing and attacking any remotely pro German sentiments for nearly a century now. Any Germans that resist publicly are drowned in the bathtub before they can gain any traction or notoriety, and in the off chance they do they are made examples of. Since 2015 white Americans are getting a taste of this as well. Really the entire west is, but Germans that arent self hating cucks will always be at the forefront of global Jewish hostility.

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Is there a chance for Germany to be what it used to be, or is it totally cucked at this point?

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Hard to say, and I'm far from an expert on Germany or Germans. I've read how some Jewish activist/academics/think tanks that have studied the west for ways to manipulate and control the population looked at the post world war 2 German deprograming regimen as a model for the rest of the west. Basically use a combination of intense guilt tripping and shame and throw in some more forceful coercion and intimidation while "reeducating" the younger population through constant propaganda and astroturfed peer pressure. I recently read a piece on how that program is now being applied to the US population through things like CRT, the 1619 project, BLM and woke propaganda.

A lot of the recent emphasis on guilt tripping of whites for their horrible past while encouraging resentment and hostility from other groups is part of this campaign of Germanification of Americans. Basically they want all American whites to be as self hating and guilt ridden as Germans and groups like BLM and things like critical race theory are promoted for that purpose. You even have Jewish financiers funding the "renovation" of historical sites like Thomas Jefferson's and James Madisons homes and turning them into elaborate displays of the horrors of slavery and the evils of white America. It's hard to say how effective this all will be since its primarily targeted at changing each successive younger generation, gradually pushing the overton window.

I personally think it'll backfire, but they seem committed to it and the more backlash it creates the more authoritarian and dystopian their response becomes. Protected and promoted paramilitary groups like antifa and the weaponization of the justice department and homeland security by Jewish ethnic activists like Merrick Garfinkle and Antonio Mayorkas are meant to prevent any sort of backlash from spreading through selective persecution and targeting of people who resist. They are continually trying to make examples of people. Even targeting the lawyers of people they've targeted. It's pretty chilling stuff and is likely to only get worse. At this point I think they are intentionally trying to provoke backlashes they can then use to further their crackdown on dissent.

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Can you give me links to the studies you mentioned in your comment?

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Ill look for one. Think it was on unz around a month ago.

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Cant find it so far. I cant remember if it was explicitly about that or primarily about something else that also covered it, which is why its been hard to find. Ill make sure I link it to you if I find it. One thing that I remember that stood out was them lamenting that anglos were never really defeated the way Germans were, so it's important to not only guilt trip them, but make them feel defeated. Basically they were saying anglos needed to be buck broken. One of the keys to the reprogramming was to make the people feel totally defeated like the Germans were post ww2, and the blm/antifa riots, seeing statues torn down, along with the jan 6th show trials are a way to do that. People are seeing whites who resisted rounded up and imprisoned and their leaders made examples of, similar to what happened to German leaders at Nuremburg, while slavery and colonialism serves as a stand in for the holocaust.

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I want to believe that the jews are dragging their stupid propaganda too much to the point people are getting tired of that bullshit

Like someone pointed before, I love the Deutsch culture so much and it would be sad to see them gone.

One just can hope for the best.

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To my understanding, the Polish government likes to talk about reparations as a way to get back at Germany for putting pressure on them to reform their internal politics along more strictly liberal lines. Personally, I don't think this is an effective strategy at all, but maybe Polish statesmen believe that it has potential.

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Germany basically dictates EU financial policy and try to impose austerity upon other countries, while taking advantage of local corruption to make German firms richer (ie Siemens). However, after the war Germany asked other European countries to forfeit German loans so that the German economy could be restarted.

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In this context, are you talking about the Second World War or the start of the current Russian-Ukrainian war?

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This happened in 1953 and 20 countries agreed so that German economy would get a kickstart:

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Germans have been paying reparations to jews without much, if any, protest, so why shouldn't they pay Poland as well? The reality is that Germany and USSR invaded Poland and devastated the country and they should pay the same way they pay the jews and even ask others to pay the jews as well.

Germans also have a similar obligation towards Greece, as they deliberately destroyed the economy during the occupation with the compulsory "loans" and the artificial inflation, not to mention the villages totally annihilated by German troops, which weren't even German in some cases, as they used muslim and african troops to commit a number of heinous war crimes.