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SD are not white nationalists, they're zio-clowns.

Anyways, according to the exit polls they got BTFO, Social Democrats are at 30% and Sweden Democrats are at 21%.

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Why do they keep voting for the social democrats?

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Because half the population has their entire life based around the party. Lots of people live off government handouts in Sweden, we have a massive welfare class. We also have a giant public sector full of people entirely dependent on jobs programs. There are huge numbers of people with useless degrees doing useless things who could only get a job in the public sector. The state provides these people with rent controlled apartments and an entire lifestyle.

There are tons of single mothers with a degree in sociology who work for the city council and who need daycare, rent controlled apartments, state provided activities for their children and who work with managing the socialdemocratic project. Vote right and their entire life would collapse. We have tens of thousands of journalists and culture workers who live off the state and who recieve all sorts of state subsidies on top of that. They would be delivering pizzas and living in a friend's sofa alternatively have to go back to school and learn a trade if the right got their way.

These people will defend the socialdemocrats with great vigour and enthusiasm even if we become Lebanon. It is their entire life, their existance, their identity and place in the world. The party has replaced family and religion for them.

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Weren't there neoliberal reforms in Sweden from the 1980s onwards? Also, France and Belgium have bigger welfare states as a percentage of GDP.

By the way, some of Sweden's social policies are good and allows it to have a somewhat stable birth rate.

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Fuck knows. There is NO WAY they aren't buying voters in some way, why in the fuck would anyone vote for them other than personal economic incentive is beyond me. They're quite literally the most unsafe country in Europe ffs.

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In democracy changes happen gradually, bit they happen (as we can clearly see comparing the 50s to now). I think that gradual radicalisation is a good thing. Eventually they can form a critical mass and a cultural shift that, anyway, is actually happening.

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In democracy changes happen gradually, bit they happen (as we can clearly see comparing the 50s to now)

The only real change that will happen is when liberal democracy is abolished. The whole history of liberal democracy has been changing in one direction and that direction won't change until the foundations of the current western political and economic order are overthrown.

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Liberal democracy is surely in decline across the world and in America/Europe too. The question is what is about about to come, and how.

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Well if the Right doesn't get its sh*t together and continues to align itself with conspiratard, free market worshipping, anti authority conservatives then we will likely get dictatorship of the globalists who will purchase their own military power.

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Yeah, that's a very real possibility.

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What can you see from the 50s to now? Blacks got their rights within a decade, crackdown on racism lasted like 5 years, every politician shifted gears towards gay marriage in the span of 8 years, etc., etc., that is not gradual, that is all within single person's lifespan, it's just that people have shit memory.

Not to mention that here in Croatia it is the conservative party which has been in charge for 24 years (out of 32 years of existence) and they support the gay shit and immigration without any pressure from the left and with the pressure from the overwhelming majority of the people (and with the pressure of EU of course).

Conservatives are scoundrels and traitors who only care about money, the only gradual change that can happen is the one to the left when they're in charge (and no, I don't mean left in economic sense).

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I don't know what is going on in Croatia - however in most of Europe there is s clear shift toward what we could call cultural right. This won't produce immediate effects. What will happen is that new set of ideas will enter the public discourse, allowing the production of a different kind of culture, which in return will be able to identify the objectives for the political class. This happened in the west from the 50s to until now, with gay marriage only becoming a thing in the late 2010s.

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The Golden One opinion on the elections:

🇸🇪 All votes are yet to be counted, so it is too early to give a more specific update.

However, we can say a few things:

  1. The Sweden Democrats will most likely get around 20%, thus becoming the second largest party (this is a great development).

  2. It is too early to say how many votes Alternative for Sweden got – certainly not a large number, but they only formed in 2018, so it will take time for them to become a familiar name for most Swedes.

  3. It looks like a new Regering (government) will be formed by the conservative* block.

*I am using conservative in the mainstream sense (basically all of the parties are heavily influenced by the leftwing zeitgeist of our time).

  1. Perhaps the most interesting observation is this: The Social Democrats, who in the last few decades changed their focus from being a worker's party to being a party for immigrants from the Third World – whom they could basically bribe, have lost a significant number of votes (especially on county-level) to a new party – Nyans. This may have cost them the victory.

  2. Nyans is basically a party for the Other (lead by a Muslim Turk). This was only a matter of time – i.e. before the non-European Others would form their own party instead of being under the Social Democrats.

  3. Lastly, as I have mentioned before, party politics and realpolitik are important – so is the metapolitical aspect; the struggle for the moral framework. This struggle takes place everyday.

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Exact same word in Dutch.

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Sweden is a tiny country and not that Influential, but it's an extremely good sign. Germany is last major EU country that doesn't have an established radicalized right, basically everywhere else the right parties are decently hardcore. We can hope that this will lead to an awakening of the nords in general (even though we just need Germany).

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Has limited popularity while the various Leftist parties get majority. They have been going in the opposite direction as other Euro countries.

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Additional comments from the golden one.

48% of the youth 18-21 voted for the moderates and right wing Sweden Democrats. Those that voted for moderates will move further right

"[ Photo ] Ages 18-21

M = the Moderates ('conservatives')

I need to contemplate these results further, but to respond to the question: why are the Moderates so popular for this age-span?

Most likely because many of these youths are still a bit hesitant to vote for SD considering the fact that Swedish schools have been rabidly left-wing for quite some time now. The Moderates have promised tougher measures on crime etc. So, a vote for the Moderates can be seen as a way to say 'enough', but to not say it all too loud.

Fun fact, I have been alerted to the fact that, on numerous occasions and in different schools across the country, my videos have been shown as a warning example of 'Right-wing extremism'. Shout-out to the guys who have defended my good name in those situations 💛💙

The youths who voted for the Moderates will most likely vote for SD in the next election, or M again should the party toughen their policies and rhetoric."

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Final comment from The Golden One, he seems very happy about the results.

🇸🇪 I will admit that I, quite literally, got a few tears – tears of pride and love – in my eyes when seeing the results of the election on county level. The beautiful places that I know and love were in a glorious yellow (i.e. denoting that the Sweden Democrats scored the highest in those areas). This in sharp contrast to the soulless and unaesthetic areas (mainly urban centres) marked in red (i.e. denoting a high score for the Social Democrats).

"Great Angel, why are you so happy about the success of the Sweden Democrats? I thought you were not affiliated with them."

On a personal note, I do not necessarily like the party – they are not quite up to par with my own moral calibre, if I may be so bold. And I am certainly not affiliated with them in any way. On their part, I am too radical.

However, this is neither about me nor the party (i.e. the leadership of the party). I get tears of love in my eyes because the Swedish spirit is rising. What the results tell me is that Swedish people have had enough and are ready to assert their will. They do not care about the various political intricacies (i.e. whether someone is too radical or not) – they care, for the first time in a long time, for themselves and their fellow Swedes.

This shift in the Moral Framework is worth celebrating, the actual policies of the Sweden Democrats are not as important as this shift.

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This shift in the Moral Framework is worth celebrating, the actual policies of the Sweden Democrats are not as important as this shift.

Metapolitics in a nutshell.

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White Papers opinion on the elections:

Regarding the Swedish election:

There are two major takeaways I want to share now, a longer analysis will come later.

The first is that there were no appropriate mainstream choices in this election. Every single so-called "right wing" mainstream party in Sweden is pro-EU, Pro-NATO and in favour of the Neoliberal-Jewish internationalist project of Washington D.C. and Brussels. Even the "nationalist" party the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) have turned into a pro-EU, pro-NATO and pro-Homosexual party.

It says a lot that the only mainstream party in this election which opposes both EU and NATO membership were the far-left Vänsterpartiet, a party led by a woman of Iranian ethnicity.

We might hope for some "tough-on-crime" policies from a "right wing" government, but I have my doubts since most proposals in the party platfroms have to do with things like increasing police salaries and judicial reform to "help victims". Neither of these things helps prevent crime.

The second takeaway from this evening is that Swedes, in particular Swedish men under the age of 35, yearn for a nationalist government to rescue this country. They (we) voted in throngs for SD both in 2018 and in the election which just took place. There is substantial hope in this.

Much like in America or the United Kingdom it is our task as nationalists to defeat the large Tory/GOP style parties of the right, as they are what stand in our way.

  • The Editor