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*sigh*, this is just what individual candidates say. Party is openly pro-zionist, pro-gay, supports tranny shit, police reforms, etc., etc.

You guys never seem to learn.

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I hope they and the military execute an order 66 of sorts and end democracy so the leftist swine never gain power again. Down with democracy, down with freedom.

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Down with democracy, down with freedom.

Don't associate liberal democracy with "freedom", that is what they want you to think. When pro national and pro European forces take power is when we will be "free".

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There is a difference between personal freedom and national or collective freedom.

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There is also a difference between "person" and "man", a person is a corporate entity (ie. dead), just like a twitter account linked to you. The twitter account isn't you. The "person" isn't you. Because the person is a dead entity, while you are a living human being.

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No democracy still doesn't mean no personal freedom. It's mass media, education, industry, etc that would not have the same independent freedom they have today.

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Nice double negative there. Stop obfuscating. You know what I mean. People should not be free to do and say whatever they want.

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"The state has been infiltrated by zionists who drive the genocide" - I'm gonna need some real sources for this because I find this hard to believe. Jewish media would raise an international storm if this was the case.

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”Zionistiska intressen” Precis som partikollegorna ovan sprider, Gunilla Wassenius, 63, som kandiderar för SD till kommunfullmäktige i Vårgårda idéer om att det pågår ett folkmord på etniska svenskar i Sverige:

2017 delade Wassenius en uppmaning till att skriva på ett upprop mot ett påstått folkmord på vita i Sverige. Uppropet spreds av en konspirationsteoretisk sajt som är vänligt sinnad till den nazistiska organisationen Nordiska motståndsrörelsen.

I uppropet står bland annat att statsförvaltningen ”infiltrerats av zionistiska intressen som möjliggör och driver folkmordet” och att massmedia är ”kontrollerad av zionistiska intressen”.

Wassenius finns med bland undertecknarna av uppropet.

När Expo når Gunilla Wassenius säger hon att hennes åsikter om ett pågående folkmord är något som hon står för.

– Ja, det står jag för.

The bolded

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You only need one spark to start a fire.

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I got all the quotes from a leftist site meant to "expose" them but it is basically a compilation of based quotes, making them seem much better than they probably are, but I like it either way

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Okay. Thats different. It would be nice to have different sources.

But at least is something. We will see how this develops.