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Jew on the internet attempt to seem mentally normal for .3 seconds challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

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Posted by the Ghost of Kiev

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Russia no longer exists.

Do you have a source for your claim? When I look at the Google Maps I still see it. Just open Google Maps and type "Russia" in the search box (where it says "Search Google Maps") if you can't locate it by yourself and it will take you there.

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>tfw you can't locate a quarter of the globe on the map

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Russia attacked Ukraine without mobilizing and took an area the size of England + Wales against Ukraine, which is fighting a total war with backing from the entire west. Meanwhile Europe is rapidly deindustrializing due to not even having a functional electrical grid.

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Your entire worldview revolves around the idea that the West is going to fall to a more vigorous and masculine power.

I don't think you understand the view of most alt-right types. It's cute that your post is full of racialized thinking and determinism though.

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    Take your meds plz it's dangerous out there

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    Jesse what the fuck are you talking about?

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    Even if Russia were to fall and Ukraine were to be nuclear bombed to oblivion, race would still be true and Whites would still be superior to everyone else.

    You wrote a lot but nothing of substance. Also jews are awful human beings, if you can call them human.

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    Whites would still be superior to everyone else

    What is this based on? IQ data says whites are not the highest.

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    History. IQ worship is for fags

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    IQ worship is for fags

    Which is why I don't worship it, I actually mostly agree with the statement, but I wanted to hear his objective reasons and argument.

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    My answer to the same question:

    Look at military/political history (empires, great men etc), mythology, architecture, painting, music, literature, sculpture, poems, the greatest explorers, inventors etc. Almost every single person who has participated in history in any meaningful way has been an Aryan, and almost all high culture and civilisational history has been white. Even outside of that there's a lot of evidence, up to literal descriptions of 'bearded white men with blue eyes', that most of the non-white high cultures and civilisations were actually founded by whites.

    Even if you ignore this and just want to do some grug level analysis, whites are obviously the best looking, most friendly, pro-social etc people on average if you combine all traits considered positive. They might not be the highest on any particular trait, but as a collection of traits that societies should value, and individuals value in terms of sexual market value etc whites clearly have the highest overall rating.

    The only argument against whites being the 'superior' race is if you're some kind of extreme anti-civilisation, anti-technology guy who thinks everything outside of a hunter-gatherer tribe is degeneration. But if we're being honest those people are larping and don't really believe that.

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      Evolution will naturally select for the best traits from a bigger gene pool in the case of America.

      Yeah, right. South America is a model for this, they're the ubermensch.

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      Evolution will naturally select for the best traits from a bigger gene pool in the case of America.

      Thinking more about this you're right in that my conclusion is wrong. The average person isn't capable of doing what is best from an eugenics perspective. The only way it would work is if a competent government intervenes and establishes eugenic policies.

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      Yes. Natural selection pressures disappeared as medicine improved, and especially since society started valuing only economics rather than Rank (in its true sense, although obviously there was previously mostly only Blood-Rank which isn't 1:1 with true Rank but it's much closer than Money-Rank)

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      the whole of the Russian aristocracy has been slaughtered by a horde of siberian savages who now rule that desolated territory

      Whoa, cool it with the anti-semitism. Jewish bolsheviks slaughtered millions of Russians, including the Russian aristocracy, but it was largely all for nothing, because they still lost control of the country anyway. They've been desperately trying to regain control ever since, willing to kill countless people, wreck entire nations, and risk both nuclear disaster(they have repeatedly shelled nuclear power plants under Russian control), and actual nuclear war, while bankrupting the west to achieve it.

      The fact is that that "vigorous and masculine power" is being exposed as a horde of stupid, low-IQ savage brutes who can't even win a civil war against a depopulated, ailing third-world tier breakaway territory with no natural barriers to troop advances.

      You completely contradicted yourself, earlier acknowledging Ukraine is now just a western proxy but then claiming this is just Russia vs Ukraine. Whether Putin wanted this or not, Russia is now fighting the entire global ZOG empire, and ZOG are throwing everything they have against it. Borrowing more and more money from China to send to a currupt Jewish led mafia regime in Ukraine and throwing our entire defense establishment into a proxy war at a time when America is facing the prospect of Zimbabwe levels of inflation, largely caused by this war, on top of a coming recession/depression. Thanks to this inflation the US now has no real tools to climb out of this coming economic disaster. It's also been reported that ZOG is so desperate they have even taken anti tank weapons away from US Special Forces teams that would rely on such weapons to survive in a conflict, and given them to the Zelensky mafia.

      Russia is done, and so is the idea that savage brutes will ever stand any chance against the technologically sophisticated, open, dynamic and liberal West.

      Betting against Russia in war hasn't worked out very well. Russians bend, but they don't break. Imagine seeing them bend and still getting all excited over their looming defeat, completely oblivious to previous examples where this boomeranged spectacularly. Pissing the Russians off typically results in them coming back stronger and meaner, and at this point it's safe to say you have now pissed them off.

      Meanwhile the west is destroying the very economy that gave them their technological edge, technology which now largely relies on Chinese silicon and Russian energy, and the Chinese are openly backing the Russians, which itself has probably doomed this latest neocon adventure. The Chinese could invade Taiwan at any moment and this entire neocon operation goes up in flames overnight, unless you are willing to fight a two front war at a time of unprecedented weakness.

      Unfortunately the US is now a crumbling decadent empire ruled by an elite openly hostile to the most productive half of its own society. This elite has the backing of the dumbest, least productive, most dysfunctional, most divided and most degenerate half of the nation. How can you hope to conquer the planet when the most productive half of your own country hates you and you're 30 trillion dollars in debt and counting, and you have a crumbling infrastructure, constant race riots, and cant even control your own borders?

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      I stopped caring about Russia around the time I stopped caring about Trump and for basically similar reasons. Gay op rejected.

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      the territory where your indo-european ancestors originated

      Jewish hands wrote this.

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      Tiny wrist

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      If this is some sort of low iq jewish attempt to demoralize, it is a quite weak and pathetic one Moshe, try a little bit harder and squeeze that little brain of yours to come up with something better.

      I'm really sorry to disappoint you but you're losing you're time, the harder you try to put us down, the harder you attempt to demoralize us, the stronger our resolution grows.

      We feed on your hatred towards us, with every attempt you try our will for victory grows stronger.

      We cannot be demoralized.

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      What do you think would have happened if Russia just left it at recognizing Luhansk and Donetsk and annexing them by "referendum" before the war?

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      It would end with the same result. The Ukraine wasn’t going to stop shelling Donetsk & Russia would not tolerate attacks on her own territory.

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      Russia is a degenerate state with a confused uninspiring ideology. It is degenerate but in a different way than the West.

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      Russian society was ravaged by decades of communist rule followed by extensive looting and chaos carried out by western backed primarily Jewish oligarchs. Of course it's a basket case of a nation after all that. Putin has been so popular because he is seen as an antidote to this. A return to some degree of Russian nationalism and soviet era prestige. Putin himself has some communist era baggage and was largely a product of that system, and unfortunately the Russians havent really completely split with that way of thinking, so Putin is a hybrid of both Russian nationalism and communist era nostalgia.

      Dugin is more of a traditional Russian style nationalist, which Jewish power hates even worse than Putin, which is likely why he was targeted for assassination. I don't know enough about the situation to know whether Putin pays much attention to Dugin or simply uses his type of appeal in the same way Trump would use populist rhetoric for political gain.

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      First of all, if Russia is really finished why wouldn't Putin just launch all of his nukes? I mean, that's what I would do. If I can't win, and I'm about to lose everything I care about, why wouldn't I take the entire world down with me?

      Secondly, calling the contemporay West sophisticated and dynamic is laughable in the extreme.