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These two are likely part of the professional screeching class, in fact eve barlow does this so often I remember hearing her name, and yes she essentially makes her living this way. She's one of these ultra zionists who come out of the woodwork crying about antisemitism every time Jews in Israel do something particularly henious that will inevitably evoke a reaction. This screeching is a means of securing Jewish money and a comfy position, usually in media, hollywood, or the Jewish victim industry.

I mean does anyone honestly think Jonathon Greenblat lives in terror? He knows how powerful Jews are better than anyone. People who are truly afraid of someone don't continuously antagonize them. It would be like finding out your neighbor is a mafia hitman and responding to that by throwing eggs at his house and insulting his mother in broad daylight. That's not the normal course of action one would take.

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It's not only these two, there's an army of them being retweeted by these two.

I believe that they know that if even a minimum of criticism towards jews is allowed it will eventually lead to people finding out their nature. They are not afraid now but they are terrorised of what honest criticism of their behaviour will lead to.

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Here one of the most retarded jewish take of the collection:

Anti Semitism is accepted at all levels and in all silos of American life. The political right, the political left. The cultural right (Kanye) and the cultural left (hadids). Where the fuck does that leave Jews?

They unironically believe they are being persecuted right now in the U.S, the only explanation is mental illness and an extreme persecution complex.

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explanation is mental illness and an extreme persecution complex

No. You assume they are being sincere. The jews have been playing the persecution card since Ramses. This is battle drill 1A for them. The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

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The truth is somehow in the middle. They know well that they dominate every part of society, they also know that this domination is unnatural and done through extreme corruption. They're terrorised for the simple fact that they know very well that the normalisation of criticism towards jews will eventually lead to people finding out everything they've done. This will lead to them losing their power and might lead to persecution.

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I hate Kanye, but I will give him credit on calling out Jews

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I don't know the guy and don't have an opinion on him but he's one of the most famous people on earth, him criticizing jews and making pro white comments is extremely good.

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Who gives a shit about what some black rapper says.

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I care when he criticizes jews.

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Dumb. Listen to Derbyshire's comments this week. This guy is hardly eloquent or insightful. Quite frankly,. I resent knowing who he is.

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The messenger is irrelevant, it's only the message that matters. The point is that one of the most famous entertainers on the planet criticized jews and made pro white comments.

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Wrong, both the message me how it is articulated matter.

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You could say the same about Junglemeat John.

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Right, John Derbyshire is not articulate or eloquent. /S

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The one (and perhaps) only time in modern history a billionaire goes rogue and talks about the Jews. And the response is,

"Lol, who cares. Black rapper guy"

Jesus. And then people wonder why the system never changes.