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If everyone who is a serious nationalist was organised, we'd have already have won by now. Hence the seeding of paranoia and such, jews know this better than we do.

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Easy for you to say when you have Patriotic Alternative set up, you just had to join.

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Yes, easy for the vast majority of people on the sub. Not my fault you're a third worldie!

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I'll join too and send pic tell me if I'm white enough thanks

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No, there isn't any where I'm from, there isn't any good parties, there are only fake grifter "Christian-right" parties. Most of these parties (and their supporters) are very retarded, dogmatic, operate on few phrases like NPCs, etc.

For example, because Yugoslavia was bad and it was socialist, it means that socialism is bad, therefore capitalism is good. Or for example you have the fart-right which worships our first president Franjo Tuđman because "he's the founder of the modern state", despite him being the biggest thief and kike sellout who quite literally killed people further right than him, from their own parties. Or this uncritical look at the history figures, whereas they celebrate "Father of the Fatherland", a liberal "nationalist" nigga who sold out his party to the Jews as soon as their money started dripping in. There is also this retarded form of Christianity involved as well, where they'll just cope with that faggot pope says and still lick his ass, or will sometimes straight up indulge in this nonsense just because the church says so.

So, in a sense, I am both very much anti-nationalist because they are fucking retarded and are clueless about EVERYTHING (they all get below 1% at the elections, the only exception being alt-cuckservatives who get 10%), and I am very much nationalist because I am the only person I know of that truly understands the problem and the solution.

But yeah, long story short, certainly not the people I want to associate with in any way, shape or form.

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I think in the future we will be seeing more and more local level organising precisely because so many of the national level organisations are just bad.

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Where in Yugoslavia are you from? guessing Croatia from the Catholic thing

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I would have assumed there were many Fascist groups in Croatia based on your WW2 past.

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Not at all, I don't know of any post-WW2 one.

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Yea, NJP.

Doing stuff IRL is a thousand time batter than online.

I highly recommend it.

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No. Federal prison isn't my thing.

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Then why are you here? Find a better hobby lol

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Because I don't have any friends. :(

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never do anything in real life, goy!

just stay on the internet forever!

doing things is scary!

pretty pathetic tbh

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Agreed, I'm open to suggestions.

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Why do you think you would end up in federal prison?

Although the feds are of course scum bags, you can just not do illegal stuff and avoid that risk.

In fact, any group that gets even close to suggesting untoward activities like that is something to stay away from.

Like I said in this thread I'm with NJP/TRS and couldn't be happier, so I'd suggest starting there 😎

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you can just not do illegal stuff and avoid that risk.

You could easily get caught with conspiracy to riot and/or aiding and abetting the conspiracy if NJP members have to defend themselves against antifa or other hostile groups. Even if you aren't guilty, can you afford to be in and out of court for the next 3 years?

Also, defending yourself against blacks would be illegal in almost any scenario, or even against liberal whites. Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyer suggested he would have been convicted if they had evidence Rittenhouse was a racist, even though racism had nothing to do with the incident.

There's a million scenarios where you could end up in legal trouble, especially if you ever end up in a fight. I'm not suggesting not to join or be active NJP, just saying risk is still there.

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I’ve tried not to discourage young guys from joining NJP because I feel like they’ve tried to be responsible and I may even give it a shot - but I have similar feelings. I’m only a couple people separated out from someone who went down under RICO. He was living a totally benign lifestyle and had become a born again Christian - but they grabbed him on old stuff to get him to testify. The old guard gets it, I wish I could get some of these young guys to watch more stuff by prison vloggers and similar sources to get a sense for how the American legal system treats people it doesn’t like - not to discourage them but to prepare them, you need to be ready for a dirty fight. You’ve got to try to look as bland as a church mouse when you’re outside of something like a rally - but also assume they’ll treat you like you have a swastika tattooed on your face. It’s not a game.

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, on the evening of the deadly incident, the defendent marched as an active member of the NJP, a violent white supremacist group, lead by Alan Balogh, a former member of the neo-nazi national alliance and neo-nazi Tony Hovater. I urge you to bring this man to justice for [insert federal pre-crime laws].

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Oh they get it, they just have courage and conviction.

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Well sure, there is always a nonzero risk, but the alternative is to do nothing.

I was tired of doing nothing.

Standing up for your beliefs is never going to be 100% safe.

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Agreed. Doing nothing isnt safe either.

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Are there any others from reddit who you know of in PF/NJP?

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From reddit? No.

I only know one guy from reddit though.

Our local group has about 60 people in it that are great friends who help each other out.

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From reddit? No.

Disappointing, we had 20k monthly uniques and they're nowhere to be seen irl. I've been recognised in telegram chats from my username, but nobody irl I've talked to was on our subreddits.

Our local group has about 60 people in it that are great friends who help each other out.

Nice, how wide of an area is your local group?

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Ha nice, I wonder if we share any TG groups.

We're in Ohio.

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I was in your based books channel before😎👍 other than that nah, I don't join public tg chats cuz they're filled with feds.

Ah nice, Ohio is like top 5 for organised nationalists right? I think Ohio, Texas, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and one or two others are the big states for NJP and PF.

How intertwined is NJP/PF btw, if 1 is allies and 10 is full integration like PF are a street activist branch of NJP then where would you say they are? It looks like 1 to me, but I would hope for a full merger where the PF can become something akin to what the SA was for NSDAP, but not paramilitary ofc due to obvious fed problems.

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Ah nice, fair enough re: the other channels. Lots morons and weirdos on TG.

Regarding NJP/PF, rather than give a number, I'll just say we are friendly with each other, but don't coordinate on anything.

I like PF, but (personally) I find their activism pretty vague ("reclaim america" but they don't mention jews or explicit White advocacy), plus I have a feeling that the general public finds their more military stylized aesthetic offputting/scary.

That said, they do a lot right. I really like that the emphasize physical fitness, and I have friends in PF that are all great guys.

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Where are you from, the US? At least you have some protection under freedom of speech. The UK offers no such protection.

Can’t you join the NJP or something like that?

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Yes, USA. I don't know much about NJP. Do you know what they do?

Edit: I just read the ADL page on NJP. The ADL provides a solid endorsement. I'll sign up.

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TRS paywall

TRS email, need to be vetted to go to NJP events. I assume you need a paywall subscription to get vetted.

Patriot Front

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If not, why?

If a nationalist leader ever took power, I always imagined these groups would get purged.

Like too many chefs in a kitchen, it will come down to a power struggle. So rather than risk it, just join the most intelligent faction and move on.

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If a nationalist leader ever took power, I always imagined these groups would get purged.

Based on what precedent? Nationalists have had 2 revolutions, neither of them involved genociding other nationalists. They didn't even genocide the previous rule caste, nor their political opponents. This is just schizoposting.

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Just look at how the far-right treats each other. I think it's inevitable that there will come backstabbing and betrayal until only one dominant party remains.

By the way, I say the same about the far-left too. When the Soviets took over, there was ideological division between Stalin & Trotsky and ironically, it was the more radical of the two who got exiled (Trotsky wanted global communism, whereas Stalin wanted to focus on his own country first).

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This is stupid. Nationalists will work together, because nation is above all else. Infighting is jewish

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This is stupid. Nationalists will work together, because nation is above all else. Infighting is jewish

So you think Claus von Stauffenberg was a Jew? Or the other July 20th conspirators?

I stand by point. I don't expect perfect harmony. There will always be some kind of purity test that both the far-right and far-left want to attain.

Edit: However, I think there's a better solution. Installing a monarch would remedy this issue. It's why on the other side of the globe, Imperial Japan was able to hold out much longer since the King WAS seen as the nation.

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They weren't nationalists, they were reactionaries pursuing their class interest

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What is your proof of this?

Stauffenberg's last words before his execution was literally "Long live our sacred Germany", and before that, he was a veteran who participated in many opening battles. They were like Conservative Boomers. Supported the same ideas but "just don't go too far with it, guys".

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You just ended your sentence by agreeing with me lol

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So then why did you deny they were Nationalists? There's no contradiction when it came to tolerating other Nazis.

I followed this up with the Imperial Japan example. Practically all Japanese had supported the government/war effort till the very end. It was only when the Emperor had agreed to surrender, was there an attempt to arrest him. But it failed.

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Stauffenberg and his ilk, led by rebellious generals, had an eye increasingly to their profession, as Goering and Himmler later did. They were principally bureaucratic-minded people, no different from the inept policy makers running our affairs. It wasn't on behalf of Germany that they revolted. Whereas Georg Elser was a man of character remaining true to his principles, which is also apparent in his features. He saw himself as a modern-day Herostratus. Hence, he received special treatment in the concentration camp and wasn't promptly executed.

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I would describe them as opportunists rather than reactionaries. I don't think their actions were in the interests of the German aristocracy either.

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Whose interest was it for? I was under the impression it was a bunch of military guys and aristocrats collaborating, which is intuitive that they'd want to build a state for their interests.

I don't know specific details of this stuff though, I don't find it interesting at all, so maybe I'm wrong. Either way these people trying to sabotage the war effort, overthrow Hitler etc can't be considered to be nationalists imo.

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The perpetrators were military men and aristocrats, but I don't think they were specifically aiming at the restoration of an aristocratic or monarchic regime. My understanding is that it was just a power grab and an extremely naive attempt at negotiated surrender. I would call them foolish opportunists, if anything.

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It’s not other nationalists you have to worry about, it’s the State.