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On the one hand it sucks that it takes a negro rapper saying these things for people to listen.

On the other, it’s obviously good to have someone with such a platform giving exposure to these ideas.

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We live in the meme dimension where a black rapper destroys Jewish hegemony and leads national socialists to victory. It would be hilarious if Jews were destroyed by their own weaponized negroes.

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How can you be a capitalist while supposedly being against Jewish power? You realise capitalism IS Jewish hegemony?

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Capitalism can exist without Jews. I don’t have many options other than an anti-semitic capitalist due to factors outside my control.

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12:11 is good. "Jewish people own the black voice....We're not going to be owned by the jewish media anymore [annoying cuomo noises] If you think about every celebrity. If you look at their contract. I'm going to finish what I'm saying. [more annoying cuomo noises] Every celebrity has jewish people in their contract. That's not hate speech. It's the truth. If you say anything out of the line of the agenda your career is over"

Preach Ye. Preach.

You can see Cuomo is trained to block Kanye from creating a soundbite that floats above the inane mindless chatter that blocks the public conscious.

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Jews enslaved niggers back then.

Jews are enslaving niggers in a different way in these modern times. Maybe K.w. realised that.

I can't think of something else.

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As Kevin MacDonald said "Nobody with an IQ less than 130 should be talking about Jews". He meant in public of course, not sitting around the kitchen table.

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This isn't going to do much other than get him cancelled. He's too stupid to put together a few coherent points to make about Jews to have any positive influence, he just looks crazy and hence reinforces the public's training to dismiss any criticism of organized Jewry as lunacy. "Take your meds Kanye" (IT'S YE SIR!!!!).

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MAGA is becoming very openly antisemitic