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Thuletide is widely considered a moron who is wrong way more often than he's right. He's become a punchline. The main point of pointing out Israel's MANY misdeeds is to highlight the destructive global power Jews have, to highlight the mind numbing hypocrisy of Jews-particularly liberal Jews, and to find common cause with other people who are concerned about Jewish hegemony and abuse of power.

Thuletide is either too stupid to understand this, is afraid of Jews, or is controlled opposition.

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I can’t read Thuletide without thinking Shultide. Warren Balogh memes well.

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Hypocrisy is a weak line.

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I disagree completely. It is a thread that when pulled gradually reveals Jewish power, ethnocentrism, their corruption of western elites, and hatred of white people, all of the things driving demographic replacement and continually escalating incitement against whites.

They have no counter argument when confronted with this hypocrisy. It is their achilles heel.

Anyone who makes the argument Thuletide does fundamentally misunderstands the JQ and what is driving demographic replacement in the west, and frankly don't even understand how whites think and what motivates them. People like him and Richard Spencer do more harm than good. Keith Woods has addressed this and thuletides arguments and completely dismantled them. Jewish elites are terrified the woke mob they created will one day come for them. Look at how badly they overeact to Kanye and any blacks that criticize them.

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Hypocrisy is one of the things that reveal a persons bias, or in this case a groups bias.

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I mean there's ordinary garden variety hypocrisy, and then there's (((HYPOCRISY))), which is so blatant and extreme it deserves an entirely new word. It's hypocrisy on steroids. The main reason Jews are so susceptible to these charges is the fact no one is allowed to criticize them while they endlessly critique the shit out of everyone else. This permanent taboo on criticism means we all have to just assume they will always be perfect little angels, which obviously is as far from the reality as you can get.

Notice how the most effective alt right memes on Jews have always been ones pointing this out, and these are the ones that trigger them the most? Why do you think that is if pointing out their hypocrisy is such a weak line of attack?

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Anyone who makes the argument Thuletide does fundamentally misunderstands the JQ

You're much too charitable, it's a textbook concern troll. If Thuletide was so deebly goncerned about people not undermining their position then he should be attacking jews for blaming ordinary, completely powerless, white working class people for being 'colonists' centuries ago (which by the way, the average jew has much more ancestral connection to the people responsible for colonialism than 99.99999%+ of white nationalists lol) while they're literally genociding Palestinians TODAY. Surely that discredits Zionism much more than anything to do with us.

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To the Third Positionists and pro-Palestine people here: what do you think of his position?

My first thought is that you can come at the zionists from the left in a lot of ways. Instead of calling Israel a 'Settler Colonist country' that's 'mean to 'brown' people' you can simply say it's an occupying country that's mean to a minority group that resides in the border. We should go after the zionist in anyway that makes sense. This statement from Thultide sounds like he has some type of ulterior motive. If he's a white nationalist he should encourage attacks from all political angles against Israel.

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If you want a vision of the future for whites in our countries, imagine global Israel with us all in our own Gaza strips.

We are all Palestinians. One Struggle against jewry!

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I will never stop criticising Israel and jewry from every angle no matter how many copes Thuletide comes up with to try to stop me.

Imagine if you were in a boxing match and someone said you're arbitrarily not allowed to throw uppercuts because of some dumbass rationalisation lol. You'd obviously see he's trying to undermine you by taking away some of your weapons.

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Thuletide's argument doesn't even make any sense. Whites will get bashed for colonialism regardless, often by zionist Jews. Does Thuletide honestly think that would stop if people just stopped criticizing Israel? Jews don't give a shit, they just censor this criticism of Israel, punish and blacklist those who do it, and counter with their own continuous media propaganda. White conservatards worship and continually defend Israel, and zionist Jews still continually bash them for being white.

If anything pointing out the hypocrisy could serve as a deterrent to Jews who continually bash whites for past "racism", as people could then counter by pointing out current Israeli behavior and the fact these Jews actively support it, or at best ignore it. But thuletide doesnt want us to use the most effective counter argument because.....potentially we could get criticized even MORE for past colonialism? It's such a dumb argument.

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Exactly. Thuletide is just a bad actor who concern trolls and uses talmudry to twist jewish interests into white-racialist framing.