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The history of beer is actually quite interesting in Europe.
People throughout europe used to drink it every day, 2 liters of it, every day. The recipe is unknown and it is quite likely that what we think of as "beer" today is not the same at all as what it used to be. People could live on beer alone and it used to be healthy.

Around 1200, "they" (unknown to me) started changing the beer industry because it was basically the monastaries who had monopolized oldschool beer and the change allowed to break this monopoly over the centuries in Europe, especially in germany. What we think of today as "beer" is not the same as what it used to be or what it was in books of the middle ages.
One of the changes was the introduction of "hops" in (now modern) beer, which according to historical sources made the people more feminine, more obedient, etc.

I could go on for a long time about this subject because its quite interesting, but I haven't looked into it from a JQ pilled perspective and I wouldn't be surprised if it was connected, actually I wouldn't be surprised at all.

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No mention of alcohol but this is a good read:

It's important to understand that jews are equal opportunity destroyers. If they think banning drugs or alcohol will hurt the target population and give them more power they will do it. The prohibition movement gave women a lot of power and while the bill was technically passed before women had the vote the two issues were closely linked. I have no doubt that Jews were behind both. Prohibition also conveniently grew the federal government and created new police forces that were loyal to party and issue not the people. Distillation of alcohol was closely related to the independence of the pioneers that moved west. A still was an important tool of survival.

Jews have never liked the social aspect that alcohol gives to Europeans. If jews do promote alcohol it's towards the ends of sexual liberation and binge drinking, not healthy white social cohesion. Jews want alcohol as a gateway to abuse and non monogamy. They don't want it used to help you find your wife or keep in touch with your close white male friends.

The promotion of alcohol and cigarettes together, starting in the late 60's and continuing until the 2000's, as things that cool people do was most certainly related to the tobacco industry. That industry has a few Jews in it as does the marketing industry that heavily promoted these products to the young.

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