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diversity decreases racism

I think the opposite is true. White people dont visit the ghetto and decide they want more niggers in their neighborhood. Whites spend their hard earned money to avoid niggers.

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Not just Whites, everyone does. Even other niggers who can afford it will move away from other niggers.

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I’ve noticed your average person making that claim seems to be a career academic from somewhere like rural Canada or Nebraska. I think there’s a heavy dose of wishful thinking. Something as simple as the sociology of much of the American prison system shows a practical example of it not holding up in a major social experiment. No word yet on if actual exposure to “racist extremists” helps them better understand anything about us.

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White flight disproves their studies

Such studies are often due to bad methodology, how they measure "racism", etc.

Both Sean Last and Ryan Faulk have dealt with these topics before in depth

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This one I've seen seems to be quite common among the "deradicalized" individuals spolighted in the news stories, that they just make a black friend and that is that. A famous case like this was with Derek Black.

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Andrew Yang clearly didn't agree, in fact, he believed the precise opposite: he thought that he could only attract White voters in areas with little 'diversity', whereas he thought that Whites in 'diverse' areas are more likely to be 'racist' and thus that it was a waste of time trying to compel them to vote for his explicitly anti-White politics and the other stupidity that he supported (e.g. 'reparations').

I'm pretty sure he's right. In France, Le Pen gets more support from the southern areas (which are more 'diverse' to the point of having numerous majority MENA/groid cities) and Macron gets more support from the northern areas (which are less 'diverse').

Likewise, notice that everyone says that the 'deep south' of the United States is the most 'racist' part of it. Notice also that the 'deep south' is where a very large proportion of the 13% are. I don't think that's a coincidence.

I'm sure that other people who are interested in the intersection between demographics and politics will find examples of this same phenomenon other than in America and France. In heavily 'diverse' countries, the majority (or former majority) tends to map onto 'Right-wing' and the 'minorities' (even if they've become a majority) tend to map onto 'Left-wing'.

The same phenomenon can be found in non-white countries. Take Sudan, for instance. The dominant semi-Islamist ideology is supported by more Arabic/mixed Sudanese, whereas more Left-wing rebel groups like the JEM tend to be composed of less mixed Sudanese. And there is plenty of 'racism' between the brown and black Sudanese, such as in the clearly racial conflict in the Darfur, where the brown Sudanese are blamed for 'genocide', i.e. of black Sudanese. Notice also that many Sudanese can be deeply offended by being called 'abeed', 'black', &c. and that they prefer to identify with Arabs than Africans.

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It's easy for any beliefs to spiral out of control when they're never checked against reality. This idea that people who are "racist" about blacks are that way because they haven't met any, is just the mirror image of the observed fact that people who don't live among many blacks have more positive views of them. It may well be that contact between races might make their beliefs about each other less outlandish and more realistic, but that sword cuts both ways.

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