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As long at we keep allowing jews to steal our resources through their banking scams and monopolization of critical institutions they will continue to have infinite monies to wage lawfare against /our journalists/. It would help if we were allowed to politically organize and impact local and state laws. Alas we are blocked on many meaningful political fronts. At this point I struggle to visualize what part of society we do control. We are essential for the economy to function but that is slowly being changed through demographic warfare, attacks on health, and automation. Besides, they want the economy to collapse at some point. We should probably stop holding it up for them.The only strategy I see is to continue to push out truth through alternative media and hope that jewish golem wake up to who really rules over them. Jews use most of their ill gotten resources in keeping whites psychologically blocked from seeing their decline, but jews don't have the power to stop all peoples from rising up against them. Jewish oligarchs are not benevolent and will treat non whites just as poorly as whites once they've served their purpose in replacing us. I can hope and prey that each of you is working to create small communities of resistance and truth. As dissidents we must use all this troubling news as more fuel to design and build new worlds no matter how small and figurative they might be. The united states is big enough and jewish power is weak enough that we can operate in the spaces between their control grid. Hopefully I will eventually meet each of you at some stage of our collective journey to the ethnostate.

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Bench warrant for what?

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