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I think there’s a lot of wishful thinking on the Right about opting out of college, especially in the Libertarian American Right. The truth is you really have to have a concrete plan to opt out of college and have it work in a way where you can support a family. Same if you go to college, too. But guys will be like “ahh but I’ll learn a trade” or “I’m going to leave Commie Seattle where I have roots and move to Montana with no connections to live the Trad life” - but then they never do it and end up all financially screwed up. I know solid guys who are things like pipefitters and make good money- but I’d tell a kid who is 18 or 19 and wants to do that, you got to hang out with guys who can get you in there right now, so you can place in a year. Networking is maybe more important when you’re starting blue collar than white collar. Maybe even certifications are more important when you’re blue collar for a lot of things, too.

I literally spent college drawing crucified skinheads in my notebook and skipping class to read books by Gobineau you couldn’t check out in the library. I was considered a high performing student and it literally consisted of me reading 10-20 pages a class a week and regurgitating reformulated ideas. I hate lectures because I saw no point because I actually read what they were just reading slowly on a PowerPoint. Nonetheless, I couldn’t do what I do today without a degree and ironically, I got my degree heavily subsidized under a program for “minority students” that included a clause that very low income (white) students could also qualify. It’s stupid as heck but people get too caught up in ambiguity - a lot of things are ambiguous and weird under this system because it’s very artificial but if you see a net advantage to doing something, hey, I did it. My only regret is I wish I’d been in a program focused on hard skills, like accounting or computer science. I unfortunately opted for a soft skill major but made it work. And like the blue collar path, it always has to come back to developing some kind of vision a program can’t give you.

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As with everything, weigh the costs and benefits.

Costs: Time, money, risk of becoming a leftoid, possibility of debt, possible earnings forgone

Benefits: Specialized skills, credentials, access to university resources (libraries, computers), maybe networking opportunities

If you want an occupation that would have required a college degree in 1922, it will still need one today and you should get one. On the other hand, you have universities now with degrees in stuff like "Hotel and Restaurant Management" as if people haven't been running hotels and restaurants for millennia already. If that's your plan for college, you should reconsider whether it's really necessary. At least make an attempt to get into the field first.

A possible exception to this rule is software engineering stuff. It is possible for an extremely talented high school graduate to get a software job without a degree, if he can show an impressive portfolio of projects that are close to what a company is already doing. If you don't have that, don't even daydream about this path.

At least some people in our sphere should aspire to worm their way into positions of influence and these often (rightly or wrongly) require credentials. This does not have to be everyone. It would be stupid for every DR man to spurn college in favor of plumbing.

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University is a great thing if you pick out a degree that fits your purposes, and if you go into it with a clear set of principles. If you have no sound principles or opinions and pick your degree foolishly, choosing, for example, something like sociology, then you are probably going to emerge much worse off from the experience, both intellectually and economically.

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No. Most universities are just indoctrination centers and a scam to get young people in debt

If you want to do CompSci, engineering, or some kind of high-paying STEM job (that doesnt require endless schooling) then go, get your degree, and get out. Otherwise do not go at all. Get into trades or something else

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The wokeness at univerisities is exaggerated. Most students are not political and most professors are mainly interested in their research and not what some student said. If 30 SJWs are protesting at a campus there are 29970 students not protesting. Unless you are unlucky, at a really woke university or actively being provocative you probably won't have any problems. Avoid Communications, HR, genderstudies and other subjects that are minfields.

You average chemist, biologist, programmer, engineer or agricultural scientist is a fairly normal sensible person. If anything the quality of the people is usually fairly good assuming a reasonably good school.

If you think academic studies suites you, you have a good job in mind, the subject isn't too woke and your debt won't be too extreme then go for it. Right wingers shouldn't drop out of society. Leftists never thought a place was too right wing for them to participate, they join things and subvert. If right wingers are going to drop out of everything that isn't based we are going to have to abandon almost all of society and lose influence.

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Depends on what you want to do.

University only hardened my convictions and I didn't enter with much political baggage. Had read Zinn's A People's History of the United States and watched various docs on 9/11, e.g. Moore's and Loose Change, Zeitgeist, and some others but I wasn't a diehard for any of it.

I think there's a few professional streams that are worth pursuing (medicine, dentistry, nursing, engineering, accounting, etc.), even more so if it's more than a paycheque and something you're actually passionate about. Political change comes from the top down, so it is extremely important for our guys to enter these strata to hopefully gain access to influence and resources. The masses have always coalesced around their higher-ups, hence why Trump had so much success being as explicit as he was.

Literally just read an article this morning on how conservatism got usurped by Neo-Cons due to Buckley's poor judgment. Things like that are basically what our guys need to do, but perhaps at the more local level so that networks can be created, i.e. start as a hydra, become anti-fragile.

That being said, there's nothing wrong with trades and if you can get proficient enough to start a business to help support our race, then all the better.

Basically there's numerous angles of opportunity and we shouldn't get bogged down into thinking the benefits of each are somehow mutually exclusive when the goal, regardless of the vocation you enter, should be to do work so that you can better help your people. Whether you're a doctor, dentist, plumber, or accountant, work in a way that is Pro-White. Obviously don't do anything retarded that compromises your credentials and thus hinders your ability to support Pro-White causes.

It all counts.

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University is not some massive game-changer. Woman doesn't become a degenerate just because she goes to university, she was most likely like that in high school too, just with more restrictions.

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In 2022? No, it's the biggest waste of money ever.

I remember going to (post-secondary) school, and the Professor literally downloaded assignments from the internet and gave them to us. And you could write down any answer and still get a passing mark for it.

Not to mention, your degree is worthless. Congrats! You and millions of other grad students both hold the same piece of paper. Too bad the actual amount of jobs that are hiring is far smaller and thus, more competitive. Especially with all the immigrants who flood Western countries every year who also want a cut of your jib.

I know some might be repulsed by this, but seriously, a man like Pewdiepie is a genius. He ditched school to become a full-time Youtuber before it was popular. He only needed to do a couple of videogame livestreams and now he's a multi-millionaire. If I could reset the clock, I would have absolutely done the same thing. Working hard doesn't pay well, and life in general is always getting more expensive. It's pure intellect that's only needed to survive this cruel world.

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No. I have a decent degree in a quantative field, but the corporate office was a woke shit show and psychological hell hole. I make just as much money as tradesman and I'm much happier.

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Depends what you study.

There are more ways to get free knowledge and certificates from top universities for free or little money than ever. MIT's entire curriculum is online for free. And big tech companies don't care about your pedigree if you can show aptitude. I know top people at top companies with shit or no degree.

Also, history, philosophy, etc. are important subject we should NOT surrender to Big Globohomo.