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    Louis Farrakhan also has his back.

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    Farrakhan has been complaining about jews for decades, but this has been mostly ignored. His audience is already jew aware, so no one cares. Nation of Islam is already radicalized.

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    FTN guys are saying Ye needs to pair up with Farrakhan, he has a well oiled political machine that knows exactly how to deal with Jews.

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    Farrakhan and one other (Jesse Jackson, I think) are the only two blacks on the SPLC's naughty list. I can't remember what the official name of that list is.

    Now, I remember reading this list and thinking that the only reason why those two are even on there is because of their 'anti-Semitism'. After all, everyone on the list were either Far-Right White and Islamist-Jihadist types (i.e. the two groups that zhids hate more than anyone else).

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    Jews are starting to realize this and are now trying to back down somewhat. Even the ADL seemed to be saying ok lets all move on and get back to hating on wypipo, despite Kyrie not yet fully jumping through all the hoops they laid out for him. Dave Chapelle even cleverly dropped some red pills in between some obviously disingenuous Jew ass kissing in his SNL monologue, doing them no favors at a time they just want it to go away.

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    His standup a while back with the space jews joke was funny. Chapelle knows about jews.

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    Perhaps it's time for an anti-white media blitz to distract and deflect. I wonder if they will run the dead nigger/white cop play or try something new.

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    It's funny how there have been no real race riots since the 2020 election. I didn't really think the summer of floyd was about politics and influencing the 2020 elections, but more about a long term strategy of intimidating whites into compliance and punishing them for Trump, but the fact all riots ceased when the Jews got their preferred braindead lemming in office doesn't really seem like a cohencidence to me.

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    It's funny how there have been no real race riots since the 2020 election

    They havent needed any. Whites have been beaten into submission and they have fallen in line as intended.

    Trump was in on it. The law and order president did nothing to help whites that defended themselves.

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    I thought those who would burn books would also burn people.