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I'm also listening to his speech, and it's the same crap we've heard 4 years ago.

"I'm gonna restore law an odah!"

Except that one time when the George Floyd riots went completely unopposed.

And whatever happened to the wall? All I ever saw was some shiny new fences.

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I liked the opening part where he went on about how he formed a movement of near unparalleled importance, possibly the best movement ever.

It’s so tired and over. Nothing like the escalator arrival before the 2016 announcement. This is like the straight to video sequel. I’m actually kind of amazed he even bothered to gather a crowd of enablers and journalists to Mar A Lago. It’s telling he can’t or won’t go anywhere else for what should be a monumental announcement.

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Oh Trump is going to "insist" this time. That sounds very compelling.

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I'm for it simply because of the sheer destabilizing effect of this man on America. There is no man alive today who makes all the right people more upset than DJT. Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk, as hated by the lumpenproletarianized masses as they are, don't come anywhere near close. At the same time, however, practically nothing could compel me to support him.

MoRon DeSemitus should step aside and let Agent Orange Cheeto Trumpenfuhrer TrumPutin with tiny hands who can't read run unopposed. Polls of GOP voters indicate that around half prefer TrumPutin over any other candidate, and DeSemitus is in distant second place.

Recently, some 'progressive' politicians have declared that they aren't for Biden 2024, and I still think that the chance of him not being the Democrat 2024 candidate remains quite high. However, whether he is not the candidate because: a) He is talked out of running again; b) He loses his own party primary, or; c) His health declines to the point that he becomes a retarded vegetable, remains to be seen.

TrumPutin simply needs to threaten to run as a third-party candidate if he doesn't win his primary. He should simply present them with the ultimatum: I win the primary or I destroy your party permanently. That'll be enough to ensure that the GOP fall back in line, since a Trumplican third-party would cause immense havoc to the GOP and they aren't so stupid as not to know it. They can stick together or sink together.

I'd assume that TrumPutin will be up against a candidate who is 'progressive' and 'not Biden nor TrumPutin, therefore vote for me!', and will then lose by a slightly bigger margin than in 2020.

With my estimations out of the way, let's consider what I'd like to see happen at that point. Mainly, for the GOP to really panic and realize that they're already in a Democrat-run dominant-party system, and, from there, begin to seriously question democratic legitimacy. From there, I hope that the country will begin to break up along Red-Blue lines (which largely map onto majority White-majority nonwhite lines). Of course, secession has long been practically illegal (as the libertarian idiots in the Confederacy learned the hard way) and doesn't seem to be as simple as a mere referendum, but we'll see what happens there as it slowly sets in to their thick skulls that they've conclusively lost the war. After all, it was all due to their unwillingness to actually stop immigration, deradicalize the education system, make their big-tent ideologies more attractive than the Democrats' potent combination of hedonism, nihilism and parasitism that has immense appeal to impressionable and stupid people, &c. If they simply became the 'fascists' and 'racists' the Left has always accused them of rather than being Leftists a few years removed, none of this would have happened. America would have been vastly more powerful than it is now, and nobody would have messed with a nuclear-armed White ethnostate just because they disagree with its racial and social policies. Alas, the chief opposition to the party of evil so happens to be the party of stupid.

Under a Democrat-run dominant-party system, secessionism will only come from the Republicans since support for secession seems to negatively correlate with the amount of authority held. Obviously, if the Republicans were the ones to capture the state instead of the Democrats, it would be Left-wing secessionisms like CalExit, Cascadia, &c. which would grow, but one notices that these have reverted to a sort of dormancy since TrumPutin left office. It would take a GOP victory for them to regain momentum.

Obviously I'd prefer it if Left-wing secessionisms (whole American states and not some retarded LARP by Antifa nutjobs like the CHAZ/CHOP) occurred under a GOP Presidency, since CalExit and Cascadia seemed to be far more serious than anything going on in Republican states. Because of the more patriotic and thus centralist approach of the GOP, too many in the GOP do not want cede over any land no matter the cost of keeping it, whereas Leftists seem more likely to actually secede. Perhaps it is because they care less about national unity, or perhaps it is because they project their various fantasies onto those hypothetical new nations, whereas the GOP is more realistic and present-oriented than idealistic and future-oriented.

I also think it's to do with intelligence: Many Leftists, being hardcore racial egalitarians, really are that stupid as to think that an independent California wouldn't begin rapidly descending into a fourth-world dump full of retarded trannies, whereas we here obviously know better.

For instance, an ethnic Tanzanian YouTuber has recently been uploading footage of minority-White Los Angeles. You can only imagine how much worse things would get if California became a country, i.e. a non-white country governed by idiots adhering to insane ideologies.

See, for instance, and It's all garbage, graffiti, tents and 'diversity'. Even the slogans are stupid. 2:15 reads 'Racism Is A Pandemic'. Yet LA wasn't like this until the 'diverse' became the overwhelming majority of its population. Does any non-'diverse' city come to mind when you see this footage? Nope, they all share 'diversity' in common, whether Chicongo, Detoilet, Filthadelphia, Johannesburg or anywhere else.

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TrumPutin simply needs to threaten to run as a third-party candidate if he doesn't win his primary

Is the presidential election process even real? To me it seems like theater. I imagine a group of oligarchs meeting on a hebrew island picking out the president. The victory/concession speeches from Biden and Trump on election night seemed rehearsed and Jan 6th was obviously astroturfed. I think the next president is already decided.

I agree, Trump is a fantastic chaos agent, but I wonder if thats intentional.

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I have a twitter account and my TL has been filled with Trump bullshit. I can't believe how many Trump cucks there still are. Even Bronze Age Pervent has gone right back to portraying Trump as some Caesarian hero. I was already annoyed at the amount of nonsense I had to read about red vs blue team mid term elections which showed how passionately engaged most the "dissident" right is with GOP support and electoral politics. Dissident Right is mostly a joke.

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Even Bronze Age Pervent

Dude's been a GOP/Israel shill forever, what do you mean 'even' lol

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    I really hate how much people frame Trump as a renegade against the system. It is true the ruling class hates him but really it is just because they do not like someone with his obnoxious character being head of state not because he his combating the "system". The only thing that separates him from the mainstream GOP is his character not policies.