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The white pill is that our ideas are simple, memetic and resilient to anti-White and Jewish narratives without our enemies appearing hypocritical. Major social media platforms don't need "hate" clusters because every convert is permanent unless they fall to the power of Jews through legal, economic and social threats to ones livelihood. A person with a VPN and social media account is still effective at convincing Whites of the truth and there is no blue pilling by the ADL that can stop it.

The Black pill is more people need to organize and we need to basically build our own ethnic networks, advocacy organizations, ruling class, etc. to compete with Jewry and the leftist ruling class. The faster we achieve our goal the less people will have to unnecessarily die by diversity, loss of economic output and potential territories. The question is can White people actually work together to take back our destiny in our homelands? Time will tell.

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I think we saw almost all of these on reddit.

  1. Ban small hate clusters because the large ones will reform.

  2. Ban random members

  3. Create 'anti hate' clusters.

  4. Introduce D and C trolls.