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Government is run by fools (and by a hostile foreign minority and I dont mean what you see here, I mean PM Sunak's people)...

Neocon Tory scum supported Color Revolution in Hong Kong so they had to grant asylum to everyone involved or they would have been punished by China. Same goes with Ukraine. Most of these AS:s were from these 2 conflicts.

And there is whole migrant boating over channel since France is hostile to undocumented migrants, while UK is friendly.

If I was undocumented migrant, I would starve in Paris and thrive in London. Almost everybody speaks English and nobody speaks French.

Pre-Brexit, every Somalian got Swedish or Dutch passport and instantly moved to UK. 70%ish of Somalian refugees in Netherland crossed to UK.

Another reason why free movement of EU is r*tarded and Brexit was necessary.

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undocumented migrant

Don't adopt their bullshit term. Illegal immigrant.

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Anglo countries the U.K. in particular and Germany are on another level of subversion. Change will not come from them.

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Apparently 1 million left due to covid and brexit. I wonder if some of those returned this year which pushed the numbers up.

However I've got a great plan to buy up cheap properties in Albania on the coast and scenic places then rent them as airbnbs so that when all these dingy dingos realise the UK isn't all that great they won't have any homes left to go back to. Who's up for that?

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Immigration has been a problem for many western countries for the past couple of decades. It's sad to see. Sweden are full of cuck anti-white white people, even though there heritage is one of the vikings. the UK has been allowing a fuck ton of migrants who produce nothing to the economy and have are taking up white people's space and France is the worst. France is completely fucked. Just look at the "french" world cup squad. Full of black people.