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Black women go missing way more because crime is mostly intraracial. The media is very hesitant to report on crimes committed by blacks, and they are so frequent they're not really rare. This is why they rarely get reported on.

The perp is largely what determines coverage. Crimes committed by Whites are far more likely to be blown up by the media especially if they can weasel in a "hate" angle.

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    Reddit is one of the largest social media sites, like twitter it is like a town square for debate. I think it's important to see what arguments our enemies are making and the best ways to counter or respond to them.

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    The reality is literally the opposite?

    These "cages" went viral because the jewish antiwhite media love that sort of stuff, despite the population being majority white.

    If it had been white women, the jewish media would've ignored it. How do we know? Because we are talking about these cages and not the white women being raped literally every day by non whites.

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    Why do people feel the need to answer shit from that shithole?

    Who cares about them and their opinions? Dumb shit ass thread .

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    This is a frequent argument I see them make and it's a manipulative ploy to validate oppression narratives that a lot of moderate Whites get roped into believing as well as reinforcing left wing Whites into self hating viewpoints. Reddit is one of the largest social media sites in the world, we often hear facebook and twitter are the modern town square, I'd argue reddit is as well (it also is a good way of peaking into our enemies heads and looking at what arguments they are making) hence why it is important to prepare and have effective rebuttals/responses to these arguments in a debate/marketing context.

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    But the opposite is always the case?

    Nonwhites aren't oppressed. They are being helped by the government and the system. The media is shining a light on every minor little things that goes wrong with them. If the system was biased against them, that thread would've been PURGED and all comments DELETED, like we see when people mention anything antiwhite which happens much more frequently in society.

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    This is a frequent argument I see them make. What is the best counter or rebuttal to it?

    Tell them to go back to Mexico.

    They deliberately crossed into another country that's full of White people, but then bitch that they're not being treated like one. So why the hell did they move there in the first place?

    But of course, they know the truth. It's better to live "oppressed" under Whites, than to be "free" in a Brown one.

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    The issue with the go back to the go back to argument in relation to central and southern americans is that they can pull the Whites replaces the Natives card as well as point out how the US Government/CIA crusade against communism in those regions during the cold war lead to destabilization and the poverty forcing these types to want to migrate to the US.

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    So by that logic Arabs from countries like Iraq, Syria and Libya should be able to immigrate to Israel because Israel fucked their countries up. Do you think they should be able to flood Israel in order to make up for what Neocons/zionists did to their home countries?

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    No, I do not believe that, just highlighting an argument they commonly use.

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    The issue with the go back to the go back to argument in relation to central and southern americans is that they can pull the Whites replaces the Natives card

    Whites didn't move into a country called "Native America". In fact, it was many different tribes who were still stuck in the stone ages, that had enslaved and gone to war against each other for centuries.

    Europeans simply bested them in their own traditions and founded the United States after this fact.

    Now, would it have been nice if Whites & Natives didn't clash? Sure. But this was 300+ years ago when the entire world was still competing for land. In 2022, that is not the case where borders are already established.

    as well as point out how the US Government/CIA crusade against communism in those regions during the cold war lead to destabilization and the poverty forcing these types to want to migrate to the US.

    Japan got nuked two times and was occupied by America for almost a decade. Yet today they're a thriving 1st world country.

    Also, it wasn't just the USA who messed with them. People often forget the Soviet Union was just as active in the region, yet why aren't Mexicans swimming to Russia right now?

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    Not an excuse tbh. The natives of America evolved their phenotype to best suit this place. If it's not here then they have no place to go.

    Even if they hadn't gone as far as founding a nation they still had blood ties to the land which are far stronger than those of Europeans. If we don't establish a moral argument for preserving homogenous ancestral homelands that is based on an ancient blood connection to the land then we have no legs to stand on when we lose our nations in Europe to invaders.

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    Then they can go live in Mexico or Paraguay which already have significant Amerindian populations.

    The USA or Canada aren't the only pieces of land that make up the Americas. There's plenty of room elsewhere if they really cared instead of fighting a battle they lost centuries ago.

    They also have the Reserves, which I'm fine with leaving alone. But giving up half of Canada or U.S territory is just never going to happen.

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    The key thing to identify in this type of argument is the role of liberal ideology in obfuscating power relations. Liberals frame this issue as a moral one, i.e. that it is immoral to have a border patrol that repels immigrants with the (sometimes realized) threat of force. That's not what it is. It's one of power relations. Letting all of these immigrants in politically, socially, and economically disempowers White Americans. We should therefore restrict immigration because it's in our interest to do so.

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    The kid cages a) weren't cages and b) were in use before and after orangemanbad was president. Because when there's too many people you need to contain, chain-link fence is a quick and easy structure to use to contain them.

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    The kids were in cages from the Obama era. They reused old photos. This was in the news in 2017.

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    there is nothing to say to these low iq apes. just shoot them.