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You can look at most races and observe their favorable qualities along with the adverse, but American blacks are irredeemable. A permanent underclass with no self-awareness, a dearth of intelligence that genuinely makes them unable to understand why they are in the position they are. They are parasitic and their contribution to society is a net negative.

And black women are the worst. I've had two black women supervisors in my life and they were downright abusive. Never again. I will turn down a job before I work underneath a black woman again, and I will damn sure never hire one.

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blacks are the most self unaware group in existence.

well, after jews, of course.

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They think the rest of us need to pay them tribute because they're fucking everywhere and people will believe them when they chimp out.

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Forget the blacks, your link brought me to this self-hating anti-white communist.