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What's difference between a cow and the holocaust? You can't milk a cow for 80 years.

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It's about time someone put a stop to the victimhood industry.

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| My own is that It's between 0-10,000 non-justified civilian deaths

How could they be non-justified when they were at war against Germany?

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There's no honour in taking the life of someone who can't fight back, and who didn't commit any crimes either.

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I'm not stating it's honorable. I'm stating they, AS A PEOPLE, were at war with Germany. Not with guns, not in uniforms. How do you know they were "non-justified civilian deaths" when the jews actively engaged in warfare against Germany were absolutely impossible to tell apart from any that might not be?

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They could just disarm them, send them to the confortable camps and give them the benefit of the doubt until evidence could be found against them. Also, keep in mind that while there was a lot of bad blood between both sides, a lot of Germans still saw the Jews as their neighboors and vice-versa...

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They probably did interest business

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Edit: this is a great argument against the current holocaust story.

Prior comment below.

I’m still reading. But this is why I said I like your posts. Finishing reading now, but no one talks about this stuff. And it is damn near impossible to find for a layman like me.

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How do those who deny the holocaust deal with the fact that there is a recorded speech of Himmler(Posen Speech) openly discussing exterminating Jews as a necessary policy? If you say it is fake then that seems strange allies would fake a speech but wouldn't fake holocaust documents. Part of the denial narrative is that there is no official holocaust documents or orders.

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With my own research, I find the idea of 100,000 kills to be way too much of an exaggeration.

The Nazis starved 3 million Russian POWs to death in the camps. Such numbers of Jews can't be an exaggeration if they were capable of that. The trouble with you guys is you have such tunnel vision about the jews you don't look at the whole picture. They set up the processes to exterminate large numbers of people before the Jews became the main target of them. The first people mass killed were the mad and the sick, not any political or racial group.

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Ay please, the red cross went into the camps seeking for evidence of the genocide policies and found crap. The Germans made many efforts to work with the red cross to provide for the Soviet prisoners if the Soviets agreed to do the same with the German prisoners but Stalin thought the prisoners were better as dead meat. Even the Soviet POWs said that everything was Stalin's fault and he wanted them dead.