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today I was shouted at near north strand Dublin 3, was called a “refugee”

So? What does this person want? A legal action? The government shouldn't get involved in 'name calling' incidents.

The lads did it from a council flat window so I couldn’t confront them but I have to say, I didn’t know what to feel.

Minorities don't really feel bad when this harassment occurs. They just complain about it because they know that brow beaten whites will be force to sympathize and even give them things. This reddit post is either fake to make oversocialized white redditer feel bad or it's real and it's a non white person looking for victim points.

Now I’m thinking, how many others view me as that when they see me around?

I doubt this person would have any sympathy for a white person being treated unfairly in Jordan. It's only whites that possess this ability to be kind and generous to literal invaders.

This is a New generation and there’s black Irish people and brown Irish people. People need to accept that"

This is a new generation there's black jordanians and anglo jordanians. People need to accept that... If you said that to this person he would be offended. In reality I doubt this post is a real person it's just another bullshit scenario to make whites feel guilty for not accepting the outsider when in reality we are way too accepting of the outsider. Always keep in mind that a huge portion of posts on social media are literally written by bots and politically motivated actors to impact peoples emotions and political opinions. Take everything you hear online with a GIANT grain of salt.

However what is the "answer" to individuals like the user who wrote that.

Assuming the person is real there is no 'answer'. This individual needs to get comfortable with people seeing him as an outsider because that's what he is. He should be cognizant that the people of Ireland didn't vote unanimously to have him there. The tech oligarchs and internationalist jews that control Ireland made this happen. He's being used as a weapon against common Irish folk.

Someone born in, raised in and adapted into a European nation.

Assimilated foreigners are more dangerous to whites than non assimilated ones. They are more likely to stay for multiple generations and even breed into the white genetic pool.

They have no/ or little knowledge of their nation of ethnic origin, it's culture, language etc.

That's not my fault. They or their parents took a risk and became weapons of Jews. They abandoned their own people to live with whites. They are non whites living among whites and they should know that they don't have any longstanding claims to living with us. They are here at our leisure and can be removed at anytime.

I do think there has to be fairness towards people who were raised and culturally assimilated into the nation

I don't. Not in the demographic situation we are in. The only way I would be sympathetic to these people is if the country were run by white nationalists that created marriage laws to ensure the ethnic balance was heading back in favor of a white ethnostate. If the country was 70-80% white and heading back to 90% white but we still had some westernized non whites living among us I'd probably support laws that give them a degree of protection. Only because the genetic health and fitness of the country would already be secured. We can't be sympathetic to people that in a few generations will genocide us. It's doesn't matter if these people are 'westernized' and 'nice' and 'happy all the time' they are still going to literally kill us and our way of life over time. The fact we even see non whites as innocent victims is a result of massive pro immigration campaigns run by trillionaires with massive government and military support. I guarantee you wouldn't see refugees and foreigners as 'innocent victims' if there was more balanced news and information about them and what they represent.

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culturally assimilated

"Hey we are being ethnically replaced but atleast those that are replacing us are culturally assimilated so that makes it ok I guess"

Do you realize how ridiculuous this statement is? It's no different than the stupid american "right wingers" that say "as long as they come here legally", it's complete nonsense. They will have to return to their ancestral homeland, all of them. The survival of our race is at stake.

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I know and understand that, I just have empathy for people unfortunate to be in that position and what exactly could be done with them as they have little or no connection to their country of origin, it's a difficult conundrum.

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I just have empathy

Don't, this behaviour is one of the many reasons of why we are in our current situation. How can you even have sympathy for these people when we are on our way to be genocided. These parasites gloat at the idea of conquering our homelands. They steal, they kill, they commit rape on industrial scale, they live off on the backs of europeans like parasites and yet there's people that think that these creatures are somehow victims.

as they have little or no connection to their country of origin

His grandparents didn't have connection to Ireland and yet they moved there. Do not have any sympathy for the invader. They will live confortably surrounded by their own people in their own homelands. We do not owe them nothing.

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Just imagine for a moment a scenario. Most of the world wakes up to the fact that mixing different peoples in a nation is a terrible idea. Ethno-Nationalism rises, laws are passed, and... All foreigners and descendants thereof are sent back to origin. With compensation when appropriate, such as immigrant owns a house, it's bought back, they keep the money.

It would be hard for them right? Going back "home" when they feel no affiliation to said home. But hey, they or their previous generation did it, plus now they are literally AT HOME.

The country where they had been immigrants returns to glory, as we all know. What about the other countries which get loads of somewhat westernized returned emigrants? Maybe said returnees realize what makes the white country so good, and starts putting pressure for things to change at home. Their nation evolves and is made better.


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I don't understand what conundrum or dilemma you are referring to. Is there a set of political principles that should be followed in a given state or no? If there is such a set of principles, then it is up to the political leaders to apply them. As to their application and how they should account for any complications, that is again the job of the political leaders. There is no dilemma that I can see at any level.